Campus Commons PT - November 2018



I hate failure. It’s not just the vulnerability of falling short that makes it difficult to tolerate, because failure also creates fear. As a private- practice owner, my livelihood revolves around the success of this business. My wife also works for the company, so this is it for us; failure is not an option. But while that fear is present in our lives, it doesn’t mold a negative worldview. Actually, it’s quite the contrary. Stress caused by the potential for defeat may be a driving force for some, but that worry can ultimately lead to gratitude. When you’re faced with fear, you learn to appreciate what helps pull you through. The support system for our team at Campus Commons keeps our practice growing, and I have my staff’s dedication to thank for the continued success. It takes a group of people shooting for the stars all in the same direction to achieve the progress we’ve made. My employees’ willingness to adapt to what I ask of them genuinely inspires me to be a better leader. When you combine that with the work they do for our patients, it’s no secret that our staff is the linchpin of our success. We have the pleasure of serving the most amazing patients who appreciate our work. Over half of our clientele every month is made up of recurring people who come to us in times of need. I’m grateful that the services we provide and our attention to our patients’ recoveries generate a sense of mutual trust. I

think the fact that our patients come back to us says more than I ever could, and I am truly proud of that. Thankfulness is a wonderful idea to recognize, but until you have kids, it doesn’t fully take shape. All three of our children are impressive in their own ways. They’re independent, athletic, great students, and real go-getters. I’m just really amazed by the people they’ve become. You go into parenting with preconceived expectations of who your kids will become. When I look at ours, they exceed every hope we had about raising children. I feel incredibly lucky to share life with them. “THANKFULNESS IS A WONDERFUL IDEA TO RECOGNIZE, BUT UNTIL YOU HAVE KIDS, IT DOESN’T FULLY TAKE SHAPE.” Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the beauty in your life, and when I think of past holidays, I can’t help but look forward to this year. Usually, we go to San Diego for Thanksgiving while the kids participate in a big soccer tournament. But this year will be the first time in a long while that we’ll be home. As a matter of fact, it’ll be the first time we’ve hosted the whole family for Thanksgiving. I was talking

with my wife the other day about the guest list. As we were chatting, I looked around and realized we might not have enough room. My wife’s response couldn’t have been more perfect. “We’ll make it work,” she said. When your kids get older and you’ll soon be empty nesters, you learn to do whatever it takes to have family together. That’s our mission this year, and I couldn’t be more excited.

–Mark Eddy

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