Advanced Physical Therapy - Torrington - July 2020

JULY 2020



Has time flown by for anyone else the last few months? It’s wild to think we’re officially in summer. I definitely want to soak it up while it’s here! There’s something about the longer days and it being light outside when I start and end work that totally lifts my mood. One of the holidays I look forward to every year is the Fourth of July. It feels like the peak of summer. In years past, my parents have hosted a big get-together at their house and we all hang out outside and have a great time catching up with friends and family. It’s always been a good excuse to get everyone together. Obviously, things are a little different this year, so we’re thinking of ways we can enjoy a quieter holiday at home. Regardless, I’m looking forward to relaxing a bit with Alexis and taking the opportunity to enjoy some time together. I’ve been talking to many of our patients about how they’ve been doing and how they’ve been staying busy. Some folks had issues prior to being at home, so it was good to touch base and help them come up with alternative ways to stay active and continue to move throughout the day.

Working and studying at home has meant that many students and professionals have done a lot more sitting and staying in place. Some are no longer walking to school or work, or even just around the office, or climbing up and down stairs like they did before. Finding new ways to get that activity in every day is so important. If possible, get outside. Sunshine and contact with nature are so beneficial to your overall health. If you’re worried about crowds, try going early in the morning or later in the evening. It’s easy for me to make these suggestions, but I also need to follow through on them in my own life! Alexis and I have been trying to go on more walks these days, and I’m still trying to get outside and go for runs whenever I can. Warm weather definitely makes it easier and motivates me to get out there. If for some reason I ever run out of workout ideas, then there’s always yardwork and housework calling my name (maybe too loudly sometimes). I’ve also gotten in some rounds of golf while following the recommended safety guidelines, which has been really great. Since I’m walking instead of driving a cart, it’s easy to get a

Our new PT, Kevin Tucker!

few miles in on foot. Whenever I spend time outside, I always notice how much it boosts my mental and physical health. Something I’m also excited to share with you this summer is that we’re welcoming a new physical therapist to our team, Kevin Tucker. (Yes, one of the job requirements was having the same first name as me.) I got to know Kevin — whom we called Tucker to avoid confusion — when he did his clinical rotations with us while completing his doctorate in physical therapy. He graduated this spring, and it was an easy decision to offer him a job. He’s a skilled physical therapist who shares the same passion we have for helping people get back to the activities they love without pain. Our patients loved him, and he’s a natural fit with our team. I’m excited for you to get to know him. Look for a bit more about Kevin in next month’s newsletter. I hope you have a great Fourth of July and a great start to your summer! –Kevin Smith

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