Farming in Focus Summer 2020/21

also been important in gaining work, farmers talking to farmers and seeing the benefits is always powerful”. Having only established the business in 2016, the biggest challenge, as for so many farmers and rural businesses, has been the drought, lack of rain in 2017/18/19 brought the business to a screaming halt. With the Speedtiller ® and tractor in the shed, they travelled to Griffith in southern NSW, Queensland and Southern Victoria looking for work. Although there was a lot of interest in the Speedtiller ® the drought was too widespread. “Not much you can do to manage a drought”, says Tamie. “Thank goodness for rain! We have had some work this year and things are now looking the most promising since we started! Depending on the season our work really picks up from December through to June. We are really hopeful that this season continues on the positive note it has started”

FARR CONTRACTING USE THE SPEEDTILLER POWERFLEX ® FOR THE FOLLOWING: • RESISTANT WEED CONTROL • LEVELLING PADDOCKS ESPECIALLY AFTER WATER INUNDATION • INCORPORATION OF PLANT RESIDUE • ONE-PASS PADDOCK PREP FOR PLANTING You can see more about Farr Contracting and what the Speedtiller Powerflex ® can do on Instagram @ farrcontracting and feel free to DM Tamie or David for information about rates and availability. impressed with the structural integrity of the implement. We have seen the results. The ability to incorporate stubbles of various sizes and materials, and leave the field levelled is an invaluable asset to any strategic tillage program,” commented David. Farr contracting use the Speedtiller ® as a true multipurpose, one pass machine. “Our clients use it primarily for one-pass seedbed preparation in wheat/barley/canola/sunflower/ sorghum stubbles and in native grasses. It’s hard to determine the opportunities for next year. Growers are still cautious to use tillage equipment coming out of the drought. We are hopeful that there will be growers that see the advantage of using the Speedtiller ® to prepare paddocks for winter cropping. “After looking at other machines we were impressed with the superior job that the K-line Speedtiller Powerflex ® was able to do. We were also

“Although during the drought the tractor and tiller sat for most of the time in the shed, we travelled from Dalby to Roma, down to Griffith and to Southern Victoria talking to agronomists and growers. We dropped flyers in mailboxes as we travelled. We are convinced there is a place for strategic tillage in most farming programs.” Our biggest challenge is growers understanding what the Speedtiller ® can do, how it works and the results it can achieve. The Farr’s worked closely with a local agronomist to investigate and support the value of using strategic tillage in a cropping system. He was trusted by growers across the region and had valuable experience and knowledge in soil health and management actions to maximise yields. “Our Agro encouraged growers to try speedtilling. Once the growers could see the benefits of the Speedtiller ® others became interested. Word of mouth has

“We never get tired of seeing just how well the Speedtiller ® incorporates residue into the soil… we are yet to find a stubble the Speedtiller ® can’t handle.”

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