Farming in Focus Summer 2020/21


Tim King is a Salesman at Redmac Ag Services in Moora, WA. He has been with Redmac for 17 years with 9 years as a Service Technician and then 7 as Service Manager. Two years ago, Tim was appointed the product specialist and moved into sales and is has also been the Precision Ag specialist for a number of years. Tim says, “It gets pretty busy with all that.” Moora is 200km north of Perth and has predominantly traditional mixed farming enterprises, but like in many areas, grain and hay production are getting bigger every year. It is a pretty reliable area with average annual rainfall of 450mm. Canola, wheat, barley, lupins & peas are all grown and export hay is increasing in ha each year. “The variety of my role is great. You never know where you will go on any day,” said Tim. “I also really enjoy working with my clients, we have strong relationship. Having worked in this business for 17 years I have developed a pretty good understanding of the way their farms operate.”

lime. He was also impressed with how the crumble roller worked leaving a nice smooth finish out the back. The customer commented, “It’s a robust machine and we are very happy with it”. In the fast-paced evolving industry of farm machinery, everyone’s expectations are high and technology is moving fast. Keeping up with change can be testing for all aspects of machinery dealerships. “We are getting more and more customer enquiry on the K-Line 12.5m Speedtiller Powerflex ® . It has a good reputation. Customers are wanting to incorporate lime & gypsum into the soil, manage their stubble trash and turn their non- wetting soils”, said Tim.

Tim has been a strong advocate of K-Line Ag machinery over the years. “I love the K-Line brand. It’s built for our conditions and extremely reliable. There is never any trouble with their product. It always arrives on time and built strong. The technical and sales support from K-Line is great. Every year one of the K-Line team has visited our dealership and those customers who have either bought one of the machines or wanting to buy one. We get technical support from Rob Williams who has come over for the three field days each year and Carolyn Larson is number 1 when it comes to customer and dealer support, she is excellent. All my customers are very happy with the K-Line machine especially the 12.5m Speedtiller Powerflex ® . I delivered one to one of our corporate companies who have called me to say how good the Powerflex is. They have used it for a few different applications already. Levelling bogg holes and removing contour banks before they had started incorporating

TIM’S TIP Service it, use it as it was

supposed to be used and look after it. If you look after your gear it will look after you.

Tim King, Salesman at Redmac Ag Services, Moora next to a 12.5m Speedtiller Powerflex®

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