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— a 210,000-square-foot main facility and a smaller 130,000-square-foot building next door. Smith acknowl- edges that space is tight. “There’s a lot of equipment and not much space for WIP, so now we’re trying to figure out how to do an additional building expansion and drop in potentially two more pieces of equipment,” he says.

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Flexo folders/gluers Die cutters (cyclic/CV) Tapes and delivery with ELS Registered printing Winders/unwinders Sheeters

Rand-Whitey’s 4-color Mitsubishi EVOL.

Rotary knives Stackers Pull rolls Slitter/scorers Rotary Shears Double backers Single facers Glue rolls

Managing the complexities of high volume, high speed and order delivery requires a coordinated approach that involves equipment and processes. The plant uses com- puter management software from Amtech and Kiwiplan as well as internal systems for a variety of tasks, such as machine scheduling, tracking WIP, order entry, electronic factory tickets and quality management. “Our focus is on the systems side,” Smith says, adding that those systems allow the plant to manage more effi- ciently and provide total transparency to customers. “They can see everything. We share engineering drawings, what we’re carrying in inventory and even GPS information for the deliveries, all real time. They can go into their iPads or


Reduce power consumption Reduce waste Increase production Replace obsolete controls Minimize capital outlay Improve accuracy

Minimize downtime Extend machine life

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iTouches to place orders. Everything in our plant is elec- tronic and paperless.” He says Rand-Whitney was one of the first in the industry to use EDRs (Electronic Delivery Receipts). An Alliance Raptor 4x2 robotic load former allods Rand-Whit- ney to quickly and efficiently offload boxes created by the high speed Mitsubishi EVOL

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July 19, 2021

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