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members in the most difficult of times,” said John Allard, Safety Manager, Pratt (Lathrop Corrugating), LLC. “Every- one on our team should be proud of this achievement. We celebrated by having a steak and shrimp dinner for all employees. Recently, on May 24, 2021, we reached three years with zero lost time injuries. Our plant will be order- ing custom shirts to commemorate the accomplishment.” Award Winning Safety Achievements Pratt’s entrepreneurial culture promotes pride and ownership at each individual location and has helped to foster a safety culture that annually receives multiple awards. Most recently, 31 Pratt Industries locations were recognized for safety excellence as a result of their 2020 Corrugated Container Industry Annual Report of Occupa- tional Injuries and Illnesses which is compiled by the Fibre Box Association (FBA) and AICC, the Independent Packag- ing Association. Ten of Pratt Industries locations received Perfect Plant Awards and 21 locations received Safety Excellence Awards. Perfect Plant Awards are given to facilities that convert corrugated boxes and with zero recordable Lost Time Accidents or other incidents. Safety Excellence Awards are given to facilities with zero Lost Time Acci- dents. These awards recognize each winning plant’s dedi- cation to safety after analyzing data for more than 169 mil- lion hours worked at 723 participating plants. Visit for more information on the company and its ongoing commitment to safety.

Manager. We congratulate the entire Pratt recycling team on their accomplishment and motivate them to continue to improve by setting the next goal at two million man hours without a lost time incident.” Pratt Springfield : On May 12, 2021, Pratt Springfield reached their sixth year without a lost time accident. “Pratt Springfield is proud to announce that the plant is able to have a plant wide celebration for the 6th consecu- tive year by serving a catered steak dinner,” said Jeff Claar, Safety, Environmental and Process Improvement Manager, Pratt (Jet Corr) LLC. “All employees will receive an embroi- dered Polo Shirt to commemorate this special event.” Pratt Moultrie Agriculture Warehouse : This month, Pratt Agriculture in Moultrie, Georgia hit 500,000 hours without a lost time or recordable accident. “We haven’t celebrated our latest safety milestone yet, but we plan to have a catered lunch and nice gift for each employee to recognize their commitment to safety,” said Scott Brown, Operations Manager, Pratt Moultrie Ag Whse Pratt Lathrop Corrugating Facility : The Pratt Lathrop corrugating facility recently reached three years with zero lost time accidents and continues to celebrate significant safety achievements. “The Lathrop Corrugating Facility completed 2020 with zero recordable incidents. This was an accomplishment that highlighted the commitment and resolve of our team


July 19, 2021

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