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MagneticBaseWith ArticulatedArm &FineAdjustment

MagneticBase withSolidCrossArm

HOLDING MediumDutyManeticBase WithFineAdjustment

• Light duty magnetic base • Push button style • Three precision ground contact surfaces • Base dimensions: L:48, W:40, H:50mm • Clamping force: 250(N) • Upright: ø12.5mm bright polished steel • Cross arm: ø6.3mm bright polished steel • Holds indicator stems up to 6mm & lug back

• Magnetic Base with solid cross arm • Plunger Indicators held by lug back or up to 8mm dia. stem • Lever Indicators held by spigot • Overall height 230mm • Upright arm is 12mm diameter with M8 x 1.25 thread • Cross arm is 10mm dia • Switchable magnetic has 80 kilo force

• Lower arm: 110mm • Upper arm: 101mm

• Mag Base Force: 80kg/f • Gauge holder: 44mm • Base/switch: on/off • Base Dimensions: W50 x L60 x H55 • Holds 8mm & dovetail


Order Code MB-3

Description/Size Light Duty Mag Base

Order Code DG 1030

Description/Size DG 1030

Order Code MB-1

Description/Size MB-1 Magnetic Base

Offer Price £36.75

List Price £49.00

List Price £99.20

List Price £36.90

Offer Price £79.40

Offer Price £24.00

ArticulatedHolders FAB

MinorMagDtiSets HOLDING

Sets contain a Mini Mag Base with accessories and a choice of indicator. Set Includes: • Cylindrical Pot Magnet Base fitted with Fine adjustable multi-position Indicator arm, complete with dovetail indicator mounting. Additional accessories include: • Steel Spigot, which attaches to the magnet base, & can be clamped in a machine chuck/collet when using the instrument as a centring attachment. • Indicator Extension Arm 90mm long, suitable for holding the indicator by its spigot • Choice of Lever Dial Indicator, complete with 3 dovetail faces and supplied with 6 & 8mm diameter accessory Spigots

• Uniques single direction fine adjustment at base (FAB) • Holds 8mm or dovetail • Powerful on/off magnetic base • Central locking mechanism with spring loaded bearing • Five axis holder • Easy to set up gauges into

Order Code 55-100-SET 55-100-SET1 55-100-SET2 55-100-SET3 55-100-SET4 55-100-SET5

Dial Dia.

Indicator Grads.

List Price £34.80 £114.80 £114.80 £131.20 £131.20 £140.40

Dial Indicator Choice/ (Product Code) Minor Magnetic Base Only with accessories Indicator Type

Offer Price

required position • Black oxide finish


£26.10 £86.10 £86.10 £98.40 £98.40 £105.30

Order Code

Description/ Size 320N Force 800N Force 800N Force

List Price

Offer Price £93.50 £120.50 £152.80

32mm 32mm 40mm 40mm 40mm

0.01mm 0.0005” 0.01mm 0.0005” 0.01mm & 0.0005”

55-100-010 55-100-005 55-105-010 55-105-005 55-100-200

Metric Inch Metric Inch Metric & Inch

£110.00 £141.80 £179.80

NF 10403 DG 10503 MG10503

PHHolders FAB

AdjustableCenteringArm HOLDING

These machine attachments provide a simple & precise method for locating holes and spigot diameters when setting machine tools • Mounting Stem diameter: 8mm x 40mm long • Arm Lengths: Upper 56mm Lower 51mm • 2 swivel joints allow universal positioning • Central locking mechanism provides easy clamping • Holds dovetail, 6 or 8mm dia Spigots • Arms available individually or as part of a kit • Kits contain Arm plus a dial indicator, • Metric Indicator in kit: 55-100-010 Grad 0.01mm • Inch Indicator in kit: 55-100-005 Grad 0.001”

• Single direction fine adjustment at base • Powerful on/off magnetic base • Universal swivel clamp for all dial and test indicators • Holds 6mm, 8mm, 3/8”, dovetail



• Strong arm lock by using multi points clamp • Easy to set up gauges into required position • Black oxide finish


Order Code

Description/ Size 800N Force 1000N Force

List Price £78.00 £103.20

Offer Price

Order Code NF 1015

Description Arm Only” Offer Price £55.90

Order Code NF 1015-M

Description Arm/Metric DTI

Order Code NF 1015-I

Description Arm/Inch DTI

PH 2040 PH 4016

£66.30 £87.70

List Price £63.50

List Price £131.40

List Price £131.40

Offer Price £110.00

Offer Price £110.00


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