BLG Environmental Services - June 2020

G etting involved in the garden is one of the healthiest things a person can do. I highly encourage it! If you’re not feeling inspired when you look or step outside your home, then consider hiring a landscape designer to help you create a space you love and one that functions well with your home, your lifestyle, and the natural environment around you. Our landscape designers keep the architecture of your home in mind as they design your property’s landscape, which will thrive all year long. Plus, our designer’s plans will help you create a space that is perfect for entertaining guests for every occasion (no matter how casual or formal).


As a landscape designer, I don’t only see a garden when I design for my clients. I close my eyes and visualize them in their space, entertaining family and friends. When they are looking

out their window, I want a smile to come to their face. When their son or daughter gets married in their backyard, will everything look right on that special day? This enjoyment is what I and other landscape designers provide. In addition to enjoying your space and it looking gorgeous, your garden can also help with very practical needs, like providing shade to cool the house or helping with erosion control. Landscape designers know


Anyway, that morning of conquest wasn’t really anything unusual, at

first. But then I started sniffing something

strange. It wasn’t just the local Chihuahua. It was other people. From across the street, I saw it: the local Chihuahua, my sworn enemy, on a walk!

H ey friends! As a wisened young puppy, not everything in life is gumdrops and biscuits all the time. My life is full of crazy stories, too. For example, for a long time, I thought my dad was clueless about the dangers of the neighborhood when we go on walks. I’ve been walking more than three times a day lately —which is awesome! — and recently, we had a close call.

So I started yapping. Fighting my leash, standing high on my hind feet, I tried to look as big and powerful as possible! “I’ll hold them off, Dad!” I barked. “Just run!” But he wasn’t getting it. He didn’t know that we’re about to step into Chihuahua territory, the clash of the titans was about to take place, and our very lives were on the line. How was I supposed to keep my family safe with working conditions like that? Then, amazingly, Dad didn’t run. He tugged my leash until we walked in the opposite direction. Would you just walk away casually if a ferocious bear walked in front of you? Okay, maybe. But you can imagine I was still nervous, looking behind me and claiming all my favorite grass patches again, just to be safe. Here’s the moral of the story: Even if you’re super strong and own the whole block, sometimes it’s best to walk away from a fight. You might even get an extra biscuit for doing it. Thanks, Dad!

Let me take you back with a story.

One day, on a cold morning, Dad took me on a walk around the neighborhood. It was all going according to plan! I was claiming territory left and right. A local Chihuahua and I are on rotation at the second patch of grass from our house, and I’m happy to report that I keep winning. I own this patch of grass, baby. This whole block is mine for the taking!




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