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Music is a great way to keep you upbeat and energized throughout the trip. Personally, we love ‘80s pop and hair bands! But anything upbeat will do. We took a road trip right before we got married and listened

While we’re all staying at home these days to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, this is a great time to dream up and plan future road trips. So I want to share some ideas to make sure your future family road trips go smoothly! To save

to Three Doors Down’s album “The Better Life” the entire way. Right now, I’m a massive fan of the Pop2K station on XM radio, which has added some variety to our road trip soundtrack.

yourself stress, make a plan that includes not only where you’re going, but also several aspects of the trip itself, like where you’ll stop and what you’ll bring to snack on. Here are a few road trip tips from our years on the road.

Entertain the Kids

Plan Out Your Stops

Everyone gets restless when traveling, so pack as much entertainment as possible. For young kids, sticker books, coloring books, and an assortment of colorful crayons will keep them amused for hours. Kids age 8 and older are mature enough to handle portable DVD players and iPads responsibly. With an assortment of kid-friendly movies and games, these devices will keep your kids quiet and entertained between stops. If your kids are in their teens and have their permit, road trips are a great opportunity for them to record their miles. It gives you a chance to relax and offers them experience behind the wheel.

Before you hit the road, look over your map and itinerary to note every significant stop. This includes any gas or food breaks and how long it’s going to take to arrive at each town. If there’s a point where you assume you’ll get tired, make a reservation at a hotel in the area that has a continental breakfast. This way, you don’t have to stress over finding a hotel when you’re exhausted and you can start the next day off right with a quick breakfast. Additionally, for every state or town you stop in, pick up a $1 toy for your children. This gives your little ones something to look forward to and incentivizes them to be well-behaved.

“For every state or town you stop in, pick up a $1 toy for your children. This gives your little ones something to look forward to and incentivizes them to be well-behaved.”

Drive at Night

During spring and summer trips, your car is at risk of overheating due to high daytime temperatures, so try to drive at night. Not only will your oil and coolant temperatures be low, but there will also hardly be any traffic, even in big cities. Although once you start feeling tired, don’t take any chances — pull over at the nearest rest stop and take a nap for 2–4 hours. Do you have any tips of your own for long drives? Let us know next time you’re in the office! We fly more nowadays, but we’re always looking for new tricks for when we do drive.

Stay Energized

If you’re driving for a long period, combat exhaustion with coffee and your favorite sugary soda. While I normally tell patients to avoid sugary beverages, this is my one exception. It’s also helpful to stock a cooler in your car with fresh fruits and vegetables. These snacks give you more energy through the drive and make it feel like less work. Drinking water also helps keep you alert for long driving stints, so save your soda for those 2 a.m. stretches of driving.

–Scott Robinson



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