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Kevlar and Titanium Technology voted “Top Money Saving Product in 2010” A better way of roofing America …using Technology warranty.

F INAL FLAT ROOF (FFR) owner and in- ventor Sean Sanborn, a retired military Vet and a member of the elite Special Forces, explains to his exclu- sive dealer team for the North- east USA and Canada, Louis Meyer and Joe Montana, how FFR is forever changing the flat roofing industry. Joe Montana said at the FFR Florida council, “I have been in the construction business for over 30 years and I have never used anything as easy on a flat roof.” Louis Meyer and Joe Mon- tana agreed in a room full of roofers that the Insulation Performance was so good that after an install at one Port Authority of NY/NJ building the reported average “energy savings for July/Aug 2011 was 27-33% respectively”. That’s huge! Roof surface temps went from 154F to 86F right after application; amazing by any standard. Louis Meyer northeast own- er/exclusive dealer says “I have witnessed a 30-45% reduction of surface temperatures on one of our recent installs.” The manufacturer warrants that the roof temp will be within 10-15˚ of the ambient temp. “From the sub-freezing cli- mate of the arctic oil fields to the extreme desert conditions of Kuwait FFR has performed to the highest standards”. (see finalflatroof.com) Final Flat Roof is a one part Liquid infused Kevlar polymer- ic membrane roofing system. It can be installed over any existing traditional flat, dome, metal roof (some walls) and can extend the life of the existing roof from 10 to 20 years. Used by the Port Authority of NY /NJ and Miteq Inc. of NY just to name a few. FFR contains three propri- etary additives that enable the coating to be installed under water for necessary emergency repair. FFR thermo-resistant barrier performs similar to R19 insulation. The web site has a money savings calculator for building managers and own- ers. Tax rebates and refunds are available with the proper forms submitted. FFR has a Kevlar resin ten- sile strength of 525,000 psi and a breaking tenacity of 424,000 psi. Hail, falling objects,and wind are not a problem. Stand- ing water will not void the FFR

savings on repairs and larger savings in preserving the in- vestment already made into existing roofs; parapet walls. FFR offers the opportunity to lead the way with technol- ogy and common sense in the construction industry. “We are proud to be part of the change now and in the future.” Less re-roofing saves energy, more FFR saves money, that’s a real win; win for Amer- ica and building owners. Veterans are welcome to join the revolution in roofing so call for openings in the Northeast. HV Coatings: 845-398-1778. n

After HVAC equipment changes, ducts, vents and other roof penetratrations, repairs are easy, strong and water tight. FFR is a great crack/leak repair product that will not shrink and will bond to any clean surface such as wood, metal or roof products. FFR can cure under water if necessary. According to Meyer and Montana, “We are an emerg- ing leader in the roofing and esoteric coatings business.” Our products offer real qual- ity, energy efficiency and huge

A Better Way of Roofing America

....Use Technology

No More re-roofing, Use Kevlar-Titanium Seamless Membrane · no more ripping-no collateral damage · insulating high performance · cures underwater · 525,000 PSI Kevlar Tensile strength · repairs open seams and cracks · tax credits and refunds available

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