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ILLSBOROUGH, NJ – Daylight! Hu- mans crave it. Opti- By Dave Ward, A Greener New Jersey, LLC SunTracker Active Skylight features a solar powered, GPS controlled, active mirror system H

overcomes ALL the problems with traditional skylights and other forms of daylighting. The SunTracker Active Sky- light features a solar powered, GPS controlled, active mirror system that brings in daylight from an hour after dawn to an hour before dusk – providing functional light levels all day, almost every day. The GPS is set for the location of instal- lation and it knows where the sun comes up. Every 10 minutes it rotates to track the sun; and at the end of the day, it rotates back to where the sun will rise tomorrow. It gets better! The dome is

if you are saving money or if something needs immediate attention Engaging in the process is vitally important if a building owner or developer is looking to gain the long term financial benefits of improved building performance through LEED. Mike Mumper, CRM (Cer- tified Carbon Reduction Manager), is Director of Energy Solutions Group for High Construction Company, Lancaster, PA, a Green PlusTM-certified company. ■ If LEED is green, Why am I . . . continued from page 5A The research is conclusive – daylighting improves learn- ing by 26% (1999 PG&E study) and in factories and warehous- es it improves productivity and reduces mistakes, accidents and workers comp. And in the retail environment, sales improve 10% to 40% - and the increased profit from those sales is worth 20~100 TIMES the energy savings. So, while the energy sav- ings from being able to keep continued on page 7A clear impact resistant acrylic and its shape maximizes solar penetration. With low profile domes, most of the light re- flects off! At the base of the dome there is a sealed pris- matic lens. This provides 26” of dead air space – THE best insulator. The gathered light then enters a sealed, reflec- tive lightwell, then enters the space through another sealed prismatic lens. This creates a 2nd thermal barrier of dead air. This results in NO Heat Gain, Minimal HVAC Loss (U- factor of 0.35), NOUVDamage and NO Glare. No other sky- light, no other method of day- lighting can do what this Sun- Tracker Active Skylight can do. This provides 3 TIMES the amount of light for 3 TIMES as long per day with 2~4 TIMES the thermal protection of any other skylight. Soft, diffused, natural day- light that makes it seem like you’re outside, even if there are no windows. Everywhere we’ve installed these, people are amazed at how much daylight these bring in – but there’s no heat or glare. It re- ally is incredible and unlike any skylight before this.

mountains, a lake – outdoor activities. On the first warm day of spring, everyone heads outside for lunch and people start walking, running, and biking outside. Why? After be- ing cooped up inside all winter, people can’t wait to get outside as soon as they can! Up until the late 1890’s the ONLY light humans had was daylight or fire. Edison’s inven- tion was tremendous, but what it essentially did was turn us into modern cave dwellers. You’ve heard of malnutrition. Mal-Illumination is also a critical problem that is finally becoming recognized as a sig-

nificant issue. For optimal human perfor- mance – in school, at work, in retail – in any built environ- ment – we need daylight. It just makes sense. But how does one efficiently provide daylight without all the common issues like UV damage, heat gain, HVAC loss, glare, uneven light levels and a lack of functional light levels in the morning and af- ternoon? The answer is the Sun- Tracker Active Skylight! After years of research and testing, Ciralight Global has perfected a new kind of skylight that

mal Human Performance depends on it. But what is the best method for a c h i e v i n g m a x i m u m d a y l i g h t - ing within a space?

Dave Ward

We all know people need day- light. When you go on vacation, do you typically go to another building? Of course not, most people go to the beach, the

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