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July 2018

If I Sent You $50 in the Mail, Would You Keep It?

MANAGERS Store Manager: David Rosario

Assistant Store Manager: John Colberg Jr.

Free Groceries and Other Money-Saving Coupons

Last month, I sent you coupons that added up to over $50 in savings at our grocery store. Many of the coupons were fantastic and could be used on nearly everything, like the “Any Item Half-Price” coupon. Yet many of our customers who got these offers did not use them. Why? I just wanted to take a moment to remind you that the purpose of this newsletter is to give you GREAT MONEY-SAVING COUPONS to help you save more in our store. Not everyone gets these coupons, but you do. That’s because you’re one of our best customers, and we appreciate your business! To encourage you to use your coupons this month, I am ramping up the savings in this newsletter and making you an offer you can’t refuse. The coupons and savings on the back of this flyer are so good that you have to use them or you’re throwing money away! I thank you for your business; you are one of our best customers! I know that you visit our store regularly, so I urge you to put these coupons in your wallet so that you have them the next time you shop. Let us help you make your food dollars go as far as possible. Free Boneless Chicken Breasts for You See coupon on the back page of this newsletter Limited Time Only On another note, let me please share one quick story with you. Many years ago, my wife bought boneless chicken breasts from another store (not Foodtown or Freshtown). She was in a hurry, and it was a mistake. When she got home and opened the package, they were full of gobs of yellow fat that we both thought were disgusting. I trimmed off the fat for her and washed them off, but it still tasted awful. This experience changed the way we sell chicken breasts at

Foodtown and Freshtown. Even though our poultry is trimmed, we decided to trim it even more. We believe that when you buy boneless chicken breasts in our store, they should be trimmed beautifully so they're ready for your recipe. Our great butchers do a terrific job every day getting this done for you.

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Not all poultry and chicken is the same!

At Foodtown and Freshtown, we buy a premium brand of grade-A poultry that is raised better and fed with high-quality ingredients. When you purchase our boneless chicken breasts, they are trimmed beautifully and ready for your recipe. Our butchers make sure every single piece of poultry is fully trimmed with no visible fat. I would like to give you one package (two breasts) of our fully trimmed boneless chicken breasts FOR FREE . Just cut out the coupon on the back page of this newsletter. Our chicken breasts are great on the grill, and I hope you enjoy them. As always, if you think of any way we can improve our store even more, I would love to hear from you. My actual email address is below. If I don’t get back to you right away, it’s because I have been spending as much time as possible in the stores with our great team members and customers, but I will reply when I get a moment. Most of all, THANK YOU for your business! You are a terrific customer, and we really appreciate it.

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–Noah Katz Co-President

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