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July 2018

If I Sent You $50 in the Mail, Would You Keep It?

MANAGERS Store Manager: David Rosario

Assistant Store Manager: John Colberg Jr.

Free Groceries and Other Money-Saving Coupons

Last month, I sent you coupons that added up to over $50 in savings at our grocery store. Many of the coupons were fantastic and could be used on nearly everything, like the “Any Item Half-Price” coupon. Yet many of our customers who got these offers did not use them. Why? I just wanted to take a moment to remind you that the purpose of this newsletter is to give you GREAT MONEY-SAVING COUPONS to help you save more in our store. Not everyone gets these coupons, but you do. That’s because you’re one of our best customers, and we appreciate your business! To encourage you to use your coupons this month, I am ramping up the savings in this newsletter and making you an offer you can’t refuse. The coupons and savings on the back of this flyer are so good that you have to use them or you’re throwing money away! I thank you for your business; you are one of our best customers! I know that you visit our store regularly, so I urge you to put these coupons in your wallet so that you have them the next time you shop. Let us help you make your food dollars go as far as possible. Free Boneless Chicken Breasts for You See coupon on the back page of this newsletter Limited Time Only On another note, let me please share one quick story with you. Many years ago, my wife bought boneless chicken breasts from another store (not Foodtown or Freshtown). She was in a hurry, and it was a mistake. When she got home and opened the package, they were full of gobs of yellow fat that we both thought were disgusting. I trimmed off the fat for her and washed them off, but it still tasted awful. This experience changed the way we sell chicken breasts at

Foodtown and Freshtown. Even though our poultry is trimmed, we decided to trim it even more. We believe that when you buy boneless chicken breasts in our store, they should be trimmed beautifully so they're ready for your recipe. Our great butchers do a terrific job every day getting this done for you.

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Not all poultry and chicken is the same!

At Foodtown and Freshtown, we buy a premium brand of grade-A poultry that is raised better and fed with high-quality ingredients. When you purchase our boneless chicken breasts, they are trimmed beautifully and ready for your recipe. Our butchers make sure every single piece of poultry is fully trimmed with no visible fat. I would like to give you one package (two breasts) of our fully trimmed boneless chicken breasts FOR FREE . Just cut out the coupon on the back page of this newsletter. Our chicken breasts are great on the grill, and I hope you enjoy them. As always, if you think of any way we can improve our store even more, I would love to hear from you. My actual email address is below. If I don’t get back to you right away, it’s because I have been spending as much time as possible in the stores with our great team members and customers, but I will reply when I get a moment. Most of all, THANK YOU for your business! You are a terrific customer, and we really appreciate it.

Sunday: 7am — 10pm


Foodtown of Bay Ridge

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–Noah Katz Co-President

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The only job Jessica O’Dell takes more seriously than her role as produce manager at Foodtown of Cold Spring is being a mother of four. But if you ask her, running her family and her department have very similar approaches. “The way I work is how I run my family. We work together. Teamwork is big in all aspects of my life,” she says. Jessica exemplifies this concept by taking the approach that there’s nothing she expects of her team that she wouldn’t expect of herself. “As a manager, you don’t bark orders. Everyone does the dirtiest jobs and the best jobs,” she says. It’s helped create a cohesive team structure that breeds communication and accountability. Foodtown of Cold Spring is different than other stores, and not just because of their great employees or top-of-the line brands. In most stores, meat is the biggest seller. Well, in Foodtown of Cold Spring, it’s all about vegetables. It’s not uncommon for produce to account for 20 percent of the store’s revenue. “We’re in a real health- conscious town. [Our customers] only like the freshest produce,” explains Jessica. Jessica is known for finding the best local growers and keeping her store full of the highest-quality produce. “We get heirloom tomatoes from Four Winds Farm. They are the best tomatoes I’ve ever seen. People will drive hours just to get them.” As Jessica explains it, it’s important for her customers to know the exact farm their FOODTOWN’S PRODUCE GURU Meet Jessica O’Dell

Lay Some Shade on Me The Best Vegetables to Plant in Shady Spots There’s nothing quite like growing your own vegetables, but if your home doesn’t get the best sunlight, what can you do? It’s a problem many gardeners face. Even if you live in a sunny area, you may have a shady corner of the garden or side of the house going to waste. Fortunately, there are plenty of plants that do well in partial and full shade. As a general rule, leafy greens do better in shade and milder temperatures than other vegetables. Flowering plants and vines, such as cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes, need more hours of sunlight per day in order to thrive — about six hours or more. Herbs . While many herbs, such as basil, are better suited for sunnier conditions, there are a few that will do great in shade. These include chives, cilantro, golden marjoram, mint, oregano, and parsley. (Hours of sun per day: 3) Kale . Typically, kale does well in partial shade. When kale is grown in full shade, the leaves tend to be slightly smaller, but this can be offset by growing additional plants. (Hours of sun per day: 3–4) Peas . Like kale, when grown in shade, peas and beans won’t grow quite as full, and plants may take longer to mature, but with proper planning, you’ll still reap a plentiful harvest. Bush and dwarf varieties are recommended over their pole counterparts. (Hours of sun per day: 4–5) Potatoes . Root vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, and beets, will grow in partial shade, but they may take a few more weeks to mature, and they may produce fewer vegetables. However, as most gardeners agree, the results are still worth the effort. (Hours of sun per day: 4–5) Spinach . Like most leafy greens, spinach does very well in shade, particularly baby spinach. The plant will continue to produce leaves for an extended period of time if you regularly harvest the outer leaves. (Hours of sun per day: 3–4)

food came from. “If we put the local tag on produce, our customers will ask where we got it,” she says.

We value the families of our employees because we believe everyone deserves a healthy life. “It’s not work to me anymore,” she says. “Paul, our store manager, is like my second dad. We’re family here.” She goes on to explain it doesn’t stop with Paul. “We’re not your average chain store. The owners will greet you when you come in the door and ask about your kids.”

We’re very fortunate for all of our Foodtown teammates and especially thankful to have someone as

wonderful as Jessica in our Foodtown family. Stop by the produce section of Foodtown of Cold Spring today and find out for yourself.

Want free groceries? Simply use your club card to earn points. Then grab the Free Items sheet at the register and redeem your points for free groceries. It's that simple. *Available at the store location on the back of this newsletter. FREE GROCERIES — REALLY!

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'Sell By' vs. 'Use By' Dates

• Whereas “sell by” dates are decided by the retailer, the manufacturer determines “use by” dates. • The “use by” date is important for food that needs to be refrigerated, but canned goods can often be consumed past this date. Canned foods may lose flavor, texture, and appearance after the date on the label, however.

According to the USDA, $162 billion in food is tossed out every year in our country. One of the primary culprits is actually a simple misunderstanding of “sell by” and “use by” dates. 'Sell By' Dates Just because food has a “sell by” date on it doesn’t mean it can’t be eaten after that date has passed. Here are some important notes on expiration dates: • Dates are decided by the store selling the food. • “Sell by” is a guideline for how long retailers should display food. • Stores anticipate that consumers will store the food after purchase.

Because of this, there is usually a buffer between the “sell by” date and when the food is past the point of safety. • Quality is the driving factor behind “sell by” dates. While food safety is of paramount concern, flavor and visual appeal are the main reasons food is pulled from shelves.

The USDA recommends never buying food past its “sell by” date. You can eat it if it’s not spoiled, however. 'Use By' Dates The “use by” date isn’t the final verdict on whether or not food is safe to eat, either.

If you ever have questions about whether or not a food item is safe to eat, ask your local Foodtown

representative. They will give you all the

information you need to make sure you leave our stores with only the freshest and most delicious foods.

Fresh and Local 2 Qualities You Need in Your Produce


Enjoy this fresh salad using these local ingredients.

At Foodtown and Freshtown, we take two qualities more seriously than anything else: fresh and local. Here’s why they should matter to you.


Fresh • The sooner you eat food after its harvest date, the more nutrient-dense it is. • Flavor profiles of fresh foods tend to be more robust and energetic. • The texture and appearance of fresh produce will be substantially better than older food. • Fresh food has less of a chance of causing foodborne illness. Local • Locally sourced vegetables will almost certainly be fresher due to lack of transportation and/or freezing. • Soils from the local region will provide a somewhat different nutrient makeup to your produce. • If you have questions, you can go directly to the source. • These products can often be organically and sustainably farmed. We love the relationships we have with local growers. From the farm to the aisles of your local Foodtown and Freshtown, we take great pride in our locally sourced vegetables. Come see for yourself today!

• Romaine lettuce • Red or green leaf lettuce • Green peppers • Cucumbers • Red radishes • Tomatoes • Brad’s Organic Salad Dressing!


1. Wash and cut vegetables. 2. Combine ingredients. 3. Drizzle with Brad's Organic Salad Dressing. 4. Top it off with our fully trimmed boneless chicken breasts, and you are good to go!

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Warning : Throwing this newsletter away is like throwing money away!

Employee Spotlight: Jessica O’Dell.........PAGE 2

Can I Eat Food After the Expiration Date?............................................PAGE 3

Fresh and Locally Sourced Produce......PAGE 3

4 Types of Tomatoes...................................PAGE 4

TOMAYTO OR TOMAHTO? Choose the Right Variety for Your Dish


Did you know there are over 15,000 varieties of tomatoes? Running down the list can take longer than when Bubba from “Forrest Gump” explains all the types of shrimp. Each one comes with its own unique flavor and appearance. Here are a few to try out the next time you shop with us. Beefsteak • These tomatoes are often referred to as “slicing tomatoes.” • They are usually large, heavy, and low in acidity. • This type is most often used in sandwiches. Heirloom • There are more than 300 varieties of heirloom tomatoes worldwide. • They’re known for coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. • Heirloom tomatoes got their name due to the unique varieties that have been passed down through generations of farmers.

• If you’re looking to make sauces or pastes, Roma tomatoes are the best option. • You’ll find a robust skin and a lower number of seeds. • This type of tomato often comes with high acid content. Cherry Tomatoes • Cherry tomatoes are often characterized by being small — about the size of a cherry. • They are generally sweeter and juicier than other species of tomatoes. • These are great to serve in a variety of dishes but are best in salads. Foodtown has some of the best tomato selection around. Jessica O’Dell from Foodtown of Cold Spring, who is featured in our employee spotlight, sells up to 800 pounds of heirloom tomatoes from her local farm supplier. If you’re looking for the best produce around, head on over to your neighborhood Foodtown today.

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Here are just a few of the local items you will begin to see:

We are a locally run company, so we always do the best we can to purchase goods from other local companies, especially local farmers. Luckily, we live in New York, which is very close to some of the best farmland in the United States. Supporting local farmers and growers builds community, and locally grown food is healthier, safer, and better-tasting. You will know which items come from local farms because we put the farm names and towns right on the sign at the shelf. There are many vegetables coming out of New Jersey right now, and the farmland in upstate New York will produce corn and other fresh vegetables later in the summer.

• • • • • • • • • •

Green peppers Romaine lettuce

Red and green leaf lettuce


New Jersey blueberries






And so much more!

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