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Spices and herbs add much more than flavor and aroma to your favorite beverages and treats. They also offer many health benefits. When properly utilized, these spice-rack staples can ease a variety of symptoms. Ready to find your new holistic health kick? Read on. Nutmeg This spice, known for its earthy, nutty flavor, has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Want to calm nagging pain? This spice has been used to treat joint pain and arthritis. It can even be used to remedy bad breath. Nutmeg is most potent when it’s freshly grated, so it’s recommended you purchase whole nutmeg seed, found in most specialty food stores. You can incorporate nutmeg into your diet by taking it as a supplement in capsule form or simply sprinkling it into your next chai tea. Your achy joints will thank you. Ginger This root is an essential natural anti- inflammatory. It can help ease an upset stomach and finally tame your nausea. You can safely eat it

raw, candied, as a supplement, in tea, or in baked goods. Ginger is most effective when it’s ingested raw or in capsule form. If you have morning sickness, raw ginger might do the trick. Just ask the people of ancient China. Like many spices, ginger’s use as a supplement goes back centuries. Southeast Asian countries used it to ease their own common ailments. Call it tried and true. Peppermint You can use peppermint as an essential oil, steep the leaves for tea, or take a supplement capsule. Each form comes with its own benefits. As an essential oil, peppermint is great for treating colds. It’s a mild decongestant, and it helps with coughs and stuffed-up noses. It also soothes sore throats and headaches. Rub one or two drops under your nose, on your temples, or over your sinuses and feel the relief wash over you! Even further, a study published by The BMJ found that when administered as a capsule, peppermint helped reduce the symptoms of IBS in a majority of patients.


Ways to Ensure Your Disability Claim GETS APPROVED

Keep your records in order. Whenever you apply for disability or appeal DDS’s previous decision, include up-to-date copies of your medical records. This will keep everything above board and make it easier for examiners to determine the validity of your case. Cooperate with your claims examiner (and everyone else). The more you listen and respond to your examiner’s requests, the more inclined— and well-equipped — they’ll be to pass your claim along to the next level. Answer letters or emails as quickly as you can, and go to every medical examination they schedule on your behalf. Beyond that, try to maintain a friendly relationship with everyone working on your case, from the reps at your local Social Security office, to the DDS examiner, to any representation you have on your side. You’ll catch more bees with honey, after all. Stay on top of your case. As your case progresses, make sure you check for regular updates. This can be done through your attorney or, if you’re unrepresented, a call to your local DDS office.

If everything ran like it was meant to, disabled people across the country would have instant access to the benefits and medical care they need. But as the Social Security Administration and its adjunct Disability Determination Services (DDS) filter out those who they deem unqualified for benefits for their daily lives, many individuals get overlooked or wrongly denied. With this in mind, it’s important you do everything you can to ensure your claim goes as smoothly as possible, increasing your chances. Here are a few tips to give you an edge throughout the process. Get your physician on board. Next time you’re at the doctor, ask if they will support your case for disability. If you’re able to get them on your team, you’ll have a powerful ally and resource during the proceedings. Ask them to write a detailed statement on your disability and inability to work, preferably a residual functional capacity (RFC) form.

Get an attorney. Of course, the single best way to maximize your chance for approval is to have an experienced representative in your corner. Call us at 812.232.2000 to set up a free consultation and see the difference a lawyer can make.

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