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PHYSICAL THERAPY WITH EMOTIONAL TIES ALL ROADS LEAD TO RECOVERY When I started my practice in our community over 20 years ago, I thought I knew what my long-term goals were. But it wasn’t nearly that simple; life is never that simple. We can never be fully prepared for the avenues life will take us down, but with APN Physical Therapy, I’ve made it my aim to take the guesswork and anxiety out of physical therapy. I’ve endeavored to provide a warm environment, offering healing and comfort, anchored by a constant staff, welcoming you into our tightknit family. That’s something to be proud of, and it’s a goal worth chasing. I’ve always known I wanted to do big things with my career, from when I was a kid dreaming of making it in the major leagues, up until the time I finally realized — even while playing baseball for the University of Maryland — that I wanted to help people in a more practical way. This drive came from spending so much time around the team’s trainers and seeing what they did for my teammates. I came to realize that I wanted to help people heal from the biggest physical challenges they

might ever experience. What greater stage to do it on than the everyday field of life? Not all our patients are professional athletes, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t the superstars of their own paths. You can’t always handle what life throws at you, since our world is full of the unexpected, but APN is here to help get you back on your feet. As soon as a patient walks in, new or old, they are met with the assurance that they're in the hands of a staff who loves what they do. From your first visit to your last, we make sure the process of guiding you through your recovery is as painless as possible. I take the greatest sense of pride in this feeling of community when I do what I do. Knowing that we are able to expedite a patient’s road to healing, with some smiles along the way, keeps our world turning. This family-oriented feel is cemented in our name. When I started APN, I wanted to include the rocks of my life in our practice’s foundation: my family. I named the company after my first three children: Alyssa, Peter, and

Nick. Since then, I’ve had two more children, Talia and Kaylyn. They are my constant inspiration, and while Alyssa is no longer with us, having passed away shortly after her birth, her memory serves to enrich our lives with every step we take. Finally, I have my beautiful wife, Cyndi, who makes the whole ship seaworthy. With her help and support, I have been able to provide quality physical therapy practices to our community. With the changing times, the exciting part now is that it has never been easier to start your journey on the road to healing! You no longer need a prescription or a doctor’s referral to see a licensed physical therapist. If you’re struggling with pain, limitations, lack of motion, or you’re in need of rehabilitation, you can contact our APN office and set an appointment today. Start your road to recovery in the hands of staff who are here to help you become the best version of yourself again.

– Peter B. McHugh

• 1 (732) 244-7004

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