COVID-19 for Managers

WHAT ARE WE DOING NOW TO PREPARE FOR OR TO PREVENT INFECTION AT THE COUNTRY CLUB OF VIRGINIA? • Right now, the best thing we can do is cover the basics and reinforce healthy measures. • We have installed additional hand sanitizing stations around the Club with signs encouraging everyone to wash their hands thoroughly and frequently or use hand sanitizer if soap and water is not immediately available. • We will continue to remind everyone to be sure to cover your mouth and nose with the inside of your elbow when you cough or sneeze. Avoid touching your face, mouth, and eyes. • We encourage everyone to keep your work spaces clean and regularly wiped down with the appropriate cleaning products. • Employees have been asked to step up their efforts and ensure that things like doors, door knobs, railings, counters, and other highly-utilized hard surfaces are being wiped down frequently. This is a team effort involving all levels of the Club. • As always, we insist that all of our employees who handle food do so in the most compliant way ensuring all sanitation/cleaning protocols are met. • In an effort to do our part in prevention, the Club is also adopting a no handshake policy. • Also, employee work-related travel is being evaluated and cancelled as needed. WHAT DO I DO IF AN EMPLOYEE IS ILL? • Any employees who have a fever or flu-like symptoms must stay at home. • If an employee has a family member in the same home who has a fever, it might be prudent for the employee to stay at home in case he or she has been infected. • You may have team members who try to work through their illness because they feel guilty about taking time off, or more likely, because they simply can’t afford to take unpaid days off. Be supportive of their need to take care of themselves and their families and work together to find mutually agreeable solutions. WHAT IF THE EMPLOYEE DOESN’T HAVE PAID TIME OFF (PTO)? • Currently, there is no change to our PTO policy. Employees can either use sick/personal/vacation hours or take unpaid leave. • As the number of cases increase, we will take another look at how we manage the PTO policy. • We will be liberal in granting unpaid leave at this time. WHAT SHOULD I DO IF AN EMPLOYEE REQUESTS TIME OFF BECAUSE HE OR SHE THINKS THEY MAY HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO THE VIRUS OR HAVE FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS? • If the employee is concerned they may have been exposed, but does not currently have any symptoms, consider having the employee work remotely if possible. If this is not possible, the employee can use sick/personal/vacation hours. They should keep in daily contact with you and let you know if their symptoms worsen/they are diagnosed with the virus. • Employees who are actively sick should not work at all. Again, they can use sick/personal/vacation hours or take unpaid leave and should let you know if their symptoms worsen or they are diagnosed with the virus. • Give the employee the OK to go home or to not come in. Be sure to ask the employee to make the leave request in writing. • Approve the request in writing and make sure to establish an expected return date. • Encourage seeking care from a medical provider or use of LiveHealth Online or Dispatch Health, available with and without insurance. • Please speak to HR for assistance in all of these cases. We will assist you through the process. WHAT IF MY EMPLOYEE HAS A COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEM AND DOESN’T FEEL COMFORTABLE WORKING? • First, take every request seriously and show compassion for what the employee is going through. • Have a meeting with the employee - and HR - to talk through their specific concerns about the workplace. There may be a solution we can implement. • The employee may be able to get work restrictions from their healthcare provider, if so we will meet these accommodations to the best of our ability. • Please speak to HR before responding to any requests. • If the employee supplies you with a note from their medical provider that they cannot work, they may use sick/personal/vacation hours. WHAT IF THE CLUB NEEDS TO CLOSE? • Inform your employee that we are working to implement plans for multiple different scenarios. As the situation changes, we will continue to inform all employees. • Currently, it is business as usual. Read on for helpful information for addressing employees with questions and concerns related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) COVID-19 FAQS FORMANAGERS

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