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Adjustment Baby’s First Why Prenatal, Maternal, and Infant Adjustments Are so Valuable

Moms are some of the strongest people I know. When they come in for an adjustment during their pregnancy, they are always rough and tumble and ready for anything. In fact, usually after a certain point in their pregnancy, they come in saying that they don’t care what we do; they just need some pain relief. These moms know exactly what they need and just how we can relieve their pain. For moms and babies, birth can be a big trauma. A mother’s body is changing rapidly in just a matter of months, and more pressure is placed on the lower spine and pelvis. During birth, this pressure is amplified, and if moms are not properly adjusted after birth, it can be difficult for her body to return to a balanced and normal state. For babies, an adjustment can be just as vital. When it comes to adjusting infants, there is a delicate dance I have to do. Brand- new to the world, infants have very soft spines that need coaxing back into place after birth, and adjusting an infant’s spine involves more prodding along their back. I’m checking a baby’s mobility while also paying close attention to the amount of pressure I’m applying. As babies are pulled and pushed into this world, their spines and necks are contorted out of place. This action happens around newly formed ligaments and muscles, who have yet to possess the proper strength needed to be of any real use to a baby. If a baby’s body isn’t properly adjusted back into place to allow for effective communication and growth for the baby, development can be stagnant and troublesome. The baby may struggle to latch during breastfeeding, and normal developmental stages, such as crawling and walking, may take longer to reach. An effective infant adjustment and regular adjustments as they age can help a child grow into a fully functioning and active adult. And mothers shouldn’t forget about themselves! Frequently picking up a child, picking up toys, and holding the child during breastfeeding can significantly wear on a woman’s body, especially as the child grows older. Regular adjustments are just as good for you as they are for your baby.

Consequently, as kids age, I find that they are very intuitive about going to the chiropractor when their parents have been regular patients. Children are smarter than we give them credit for, and typically, when they see their mom or dad is feeling better after a session, they start to wonder if it may help them as well. It’s great when I see that curiosity sparking in a child’s mind. Showing them the benefits of good spinal health is beneficial for years to come. As a parent, I know there is nothing more beautiful than welcoming a child into this world. It can be amazing to watch them grow, discover the world around them, and see them transform from a helpless infant to a strong, capable adult. Just don’t forget one important milestone: baby’s first adjustment. –Dr. Chris Colby


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