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circle around the parking lot at least twice before settling on a spot. Another 24 percent of drivers are “stalkers.” These drivers follow people carrying bags or pushing carts toward their own cars. Stalkers can be particularly troublesome for other drivers who only care about getting in and out. They are notorious for pulling near their target spot and waiting. This can cause traffic jams and hamper the parking process for others. resounding no , according to the Southeastern Psychological Association. Drivers defined as vultures or stalkers “spend significantly more time on the lot” compared to virtually all other drivers. If you value your time, parking in the first available spot you see will get you in and out faster than parking anywhere else. Are parking tactics like this really worth it? If you value your time, the answer is a

Foot traffic dominates the area around a store entrance. During peak hours (and peak shopping days), you may spend more time waiting for people to filter in and out of the store than it would take to park farther away and walk into the store. Areas near store entrances are routinely congested, and when drivers compete for those “best” spots, traffic jams are guaranteed.

We are all guilty of circling the parking lot at least once in search of the perfect parking spot. There are spots we consider more valuable than others — spots where we desperately want to leave our vehicles. For some people, the prime spots are nearest the store entrance. For others, the best spots are under trees or spots that give you optimal door-opening space. All of these perfect spots have one thing in common: They offer convenience, a convenience many drivers are willing to fight for. Let’s look at the parking spots near and around the entrance of the store. In an ideal world, parking in these spots ensures you get in and out quickly. But we don’t live in an ideal world. In reality, the spots closest to the store entrance are often the least convenient spots in the entire parking lot and almost never worth the hassle or aggravation. But is it worth it?

When it comes to scoping out the best

spots, has identified two types of drivers. Upward of 38 percent of drivers are “vultures.” These drivers

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“After a fall outside and an injury in my hip and both legs, my doctor referred me to Vital Care. My experience has been so healing. The care and concern by the staff has made this so worthwhile. I am delighted with my certificate — a job well-done!” –Dorothy K. “When I came to see Andrea, I was suffering from vertigo. I could not sleep on my right side without the room spinning. My balance was bad, and my morning vertigo was terrible. Thanks to Andrea, I am now vertigo-free and able to resume all my normal activities. I have my life back again. Thanks so much!” –Jeannie K.

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