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EVERYONE’S HEALTHY SUPERMARKET Sales Valid Wed. Oct 17– Tues. Oct 23*

$ 1 69/lb. Organic Broccoli One of the healthiest vegetables, broccoli is a great source of Vitamins K and C and is rich in folic acid, potassium, and fiber.

$ 1 99/lb. Non-GMO

$ 3 99/lb.

$ 7 99/lb.

SAVE $2/lb.

SAVE $6/lb.

Honeycrisp Apples Whether you’re baking, juicing, or snacking, apples are juicy and rich in antioxidants and dietary fiber. They’re the perfect fruit to take on-the-go.

Grass Fed Ground Round

Wild Caught Alaska Salmon Fillets

Grass-fed meat is high in healthy Omega-3s and Conjugated Linoleic Acid, benefitting your heart health. Our grass-fed beef comes from 100% non-GMO grass pastures where it was never administered antibiotics or growth hormones.

Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon is 100% traceable, sustainably sourced, and flash-frozen at sea to preserve its superior flavor. Our non-GMO salmon is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Product of the USA (Alaska).

$ 6 99/lb.

$ 1 99/lb. Holiday Grapes Bursting with sweet, juicy flavor, grapes are a healthy on-the-go snack to pack in lunches or take on your next trip.

$ 1 29/lb. Organic Garnet, Jewel, & Covington Sweet Potatoes

SAVE $6/lb.

USDA Choice or Better Top Sirloin Steak Our genetically verified angus sirloin is traceable from farm to fork and is 3rd Party Certified Humanely Handled. Fed a 100% vegetarian diet, our sirloin has never been administered antibiotics or growth hormones.

SAVE $4.99 on 2

Dr. Praeger’s Veggie Burgers 4 Pack, Select Varieties

A tasty way to get essentials, like vitamins A and C, manganese, copper, potassium, and dietary fiber.

Made with real, recognizable ingredients, like vegetables, herbs, and grains, these veggie burgers are Kosher with gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options available. Discount Taken at Register

Offers Valid at Select Earth Fare Locations*


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