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April 2020


Celebrating Siblings Day

Siblings Day was never a holiday I was aware of growing up, but thanks to social media, I see it getting far more attention these days. I think it’s great to see people sharing their appreciation for their brothers and sisters; it’s something people so often forget to do. So, in honor of the April 10 holiday, I wanted to share my own appreciation for my brother, Chip. Chip may just be the luckiest person I’ve ever met. He always manages to meet the most interesting people in the strangest of circumstances. Once, he wound up in a golf game with Michael Jordan, and that’s not even the craziest part. Jordan wound up giving my brother some shoes after the two commiserated over the challenges of finding pairs that fit them! From befriending owners of luxury restaurants to getting a picture with 50 Cent, my brother has many stories to tell. And while there’s no question Chip has a charmed life, he deserves a lot of the credit for making the most of these incredible run-ins. In fact, in a very real way, Chip makes his own luck. My brother has always been “Mr. Personality.” Even when we were young, he didn’t have a problem immediately ingratiating himself to new people. I swear he’s never met a stranger. But, while the number of amazing people he’s befriended — thanks to these social skills — is impressive, that’s not why I consider myself lucky to call Chip my brother. We were born four years apart, and I can still remember the night our parents brought Chip home from the hospital. We grew close, but like all siblings, we had our tussles. “Chip! Heather! Stop!” was a very common phrase for my grandma, especially when we were in the back seat together. Still, even when we argued, Chip and I were always tight. We always knew we had each other’s backs. He covered for me

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during my mischievous early years, and I’ll always be grateful.

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I’m glad we’ve remained so close over the years — we still talk almost every day. What’s even better is that all our kids get along great! His daughters are around the same age as my oldest, and he and his wife just had a baby boy! My son is especially excited to finally have another boy, and someone younger than him, in the bunch. Whether they’re older or younger than you, siblings can be such a great influence. Chip’s shown me the real value of being outgoing and open to new experiences, and I’m lucky to have him as a brother.

-Heather Qu ick




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