Atlas PT. November Newsletter


(continued from outside)

From Garrett: Another month, another wedding, and in October me and my wife, Amanda, were pulling overtime with two weddings in the span of two weeks, as well as my Dad’s 43rd birthday! First one, was out in southern Maryland, and the other was in Catonsville. The latter we were both a part of the wedding party to witness the marriage of some of our best friends. Both nights were great, and we all had a lot of fun, highlighted by beautiful ceremonies, tear-jerking speaches by the Best Man and Maid of Honor respectively, and receptions that were about as fun as they come. We also got together with family at my parent’s house to celebrate my Dad’s

birthday. That was a nice quiet night where we all just enjoyed the company of close family with food prepared on the grill by yours truly and a nice warm fire to top off the night. October was an eventful month to say the least! From Laura: Samantha, Kathryn and T.J. sampled a few Jiu Jitsu classes, all got a gi and signed up for more classes!...The girls and I met my friend Kim and her family at the Maryland Renaissance Festival for jousting, the girls first (and per Samantha, her last) elephant ride, popping all the bubbles from the mermaid selling bubble wands, and snacks!

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