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AICC Offers Best Practices For Corrugator Operations AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, is hosting Best Practices for Corrugator and Mainte- nance Operations ,April 17-18 at the Green Bay Pack- aging De Pere Division in De Pere,Wisconsin, and at BW Papersystems’ Four Seasons Learning and Manu- facturing Facility in Phillips,Wisconsin. This seminar will teach best practices for opera- tions of the corrugator in use and to learn how to best maintain the machine. Attendees will see everything from the process for optimal splicing at the wet end to the methods of consistent stack quality at the dry end at Green Bay Packaging. Controls for temperature, adhesive, steam and air use will receive special focus. At the BW Paper Systems Corrugator Headquarters, attendees can observe and explore the hows and whys of maintenance including machine alignment, vibration control, and tooling calibration. This train- ing is a distinct opportunity because the manufac- tured components are not yet in production. During the seminar, operation and maintenance ex- perts will emphasize the prevention of problems and breakdowns by establishing a series of daily checks and observations to maintain an environment of con- tinuous improvement.

Global RFID Market To Reach $11 Billion

A new report from IDTechEx Research finds that the RFID industry will be a business worth $11 bil- lion in 2018. Of that, passive RFID tags make up $5.01 billion and RFID readers $2.85 billion. The numbers of units sold and their average sales price vary across the range of choices. In 2018, IDTechEx expects that 11.5 billion RAIN RFID labels (RFID operating at ~900MHz) will be sold, versus 4.0 billion HF devices (RFID operating at 13.56MHz).The sales of ICs are higher in the year since it takes time to convert ICs to tags and we account for stockpiling. In 2018, use of RAIN RFID on apparel will reach about 10 percent of the total addressable market of tagging retail apparel — estimated to be 80 billion units per year. By 2023 IDTechEx forecast the number of tagged apparel items will grow to 21 billion units. Particularly strong growth is expected for tagging airline baggage. This year the key body, IATA, an- nounced that they are developing an RFID standard for baggage tagging with the aim of airlines rolling out RFID in 2020. Delta Airlines is already an early mover. The market has a total addressable market of 3.6 billion tags a year. IDTechEx finds 2 billion RAIN RFID tags will be used for asset tracking in 2018 alone across many industries.

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