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A t Kohler, design is about elevating the everyday experience. And there are few rituals more common than the daily shower. From tricked-out showerheads to exhilarating body sprays, the shower experience has far surpassed previous performance expectations. Whether the goal is to replace, refresh, or remodel, Kohler offers a full range of versatile designs that run the gamut in terms of style, finish, innovation, and technologi- cal features. Design visions aside, a luxurious shower experience is deeply personal. While one family member might enjoy a high-pressure, invigorating shower, an- other might prefer a more relaxed spray with soft droplets that cloak the skin. At Kohler, each product is thoughtfully designed to create the most optimal experience for the user. Many products include easy-to-switch shower spray configurations—from a rinsing, massag- ing, restoring, or specialized spray—a simple turn of the shower head on its axis or the push of a button will heighten the ordinary into the extraordinary. For some, the latter entails ambient light- ing, wireless speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, spa-like hydrotherapy set to music, steam, and chromatherapy to name a few. The possibilities are endless and customizable, with design ideas only limited by space and budget. CREATING A SPA-WORTHY EXPERIENCE IS EASIER THAN EVER WITH THESE CUTTING-EDGE DESIGNS.

Kohler’s Real Rain overhead panels feature 755 silicone concave nozzles and a water reservoir designed to rely on gravity to yield drops that replicate rainfall. A push of a button and the Deluge feature engages to release the entire reservoir, creating the simulation of heavy rainfall.

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