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Reimagine, renew, retool

W ith new cases of COVID-19 setting daily records in many parts of our country, and predictions from many experts for rough sailing ahead for at least the rest of this year, now is not the time for complacency. Instead, it is a time for self- reflection and new action. With new cases of COVID-19 on the rise, now is not the time for complacency. Instead, it is a time for self-reflection and new action.

Mark Zweig

2) Refine the stated purpose for your existence as an organization to be sure everyone on your team knows they are doing worthwhile and important work. Now more than ever is the time to build a purpose-driven organization. With so many people worrying about their health and financial futures, and so much more remote work than we had even six months ago, people are more likely to feel isolated from the business and question how they are spending their time. 3) Research and reconsider the markets you’ve always served, and determine what new markets you should be pursuing. Just because you have always served hotel developers or office

Have you considered a bold re-imagination of what you want your firm to be? How about renewing your sense of purpose? And what are you doing to retool your business to maximize your chances for success in what is likely to be the business environment of the coming months and years? These things and more should be on your list of priorities right now. Here are my thoughts: 1) Take a hard look at your strategic plan and reimagine what your firm can be and what it should be. This could be a great opportunity to get out a clean sheet of paper and dream about what kind of firm you really want to have. If there was ever a time to do a new business plan it is now. There are many potential threats as well as just as many potential opportunities. Prepare for both.

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