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Character: Randy Wilburn As an accomplished speaker, consultant, trainer, and business coach, Wilburn helps professionals become better leaders, better communicators, and better people.

By SARA PARKMAN Senior Editor

W ilburn first worked for ZweigWhite in the firm’s executive search team in the 1990s/2000s. He left the firm when it was sold in 2004 to join a private equity group. When Zweig Group returned to the hands of the original founding partner Mark Zweig, Wilburn rejoined the firm to help rebuild a key part of the business. Today, Wilburn hosts The Zweig Letter podcast and is a training services consultant with Zweig Group. Wilburn is also founder and chief encourager at Encourage Build Grow, and host of the Encourage Build Grow podcast and I Am Northwest Arkansas podcast. “Everyone is a leader whether they realize it or not,” Wilburn says. “Some will be leaders of one or two while others may lead hundreds or even thousands. Having strong self- awareness, empathy, and the ability to communicate and connect with others beyond a superficial level are all traits of a great leader. These are all things that everyone can work on and improve through education, observation, training, and sheer determination.”

A CONVERSATION WITH RANDY WILBURN. The Zweig Letter: You host two other podcasts in addition to The Zweig Letter podcast. What’s your favorite thing about podcasting? Randy Wilburn: I like the long form ability to share content in an unfiltered way. Obviously you can edit to your heart’s content but there is nothing like the spoken word – and if you can add a little storytelling and audio engineering to the mix that makes it even better. I also personally like interviewing people. It helps my curiosity and desire to ABL (Always Be Learning). TZL: What advice do you have for anyone, particularly AEC firms, thinking of starting a podcast? RW: Voice is the next big thing in technology. By 2025 most search will be done by voice. Right now you can ask Alexa to play most of my podcasts and many others that exist out there today. I also think it is important to use podcasting to extend your brand in the marketplace and tell your story.


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