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January 2019

Happy New Year! Getting Into the New-Year Flow

H appy New Year! I hope 2018 was a great year for you and 2019 is even better! One of the most exciting bits of news this month is that my oldest daughter, Grace, is now an official college graduate! By this time next year, she will have finished her first semester of law school. But before she starts that in the fall, she will be helping out here at the firm. We are still waiting on which law school she will be going to, but at least one has offered her a full scholarship so far. Wendy and I are very excited! Our puppy, Oliver, continues to grow every day. He’s about 8 months old, and he’s got teeth all over the place and likes to bite when he plays. His little head is a bit misshapen, but all pugs are like that. We’ll eventually have to take him to the vet, or maybe doggy orthodontics, to get some of his teeth pulled. When we first got him, we were told that this might happen, so it isn’t

a surprise, and we know he’ll feel a lot better once we get those out of there.

be sliding downhill a bit faster than I expected. One sign someone who has dementia shows is that they don’t like change. A few weeks before Thanksgiving, it was my sister’s turn to visit my parents because Dad had to have eye surgery and needed help around the house. While there, my sister started to clean up some of the junk that had accumulated around the house. She took load after load of things out of the house. Some went to Goodwill, some went to the landfill. Mom was not happy about it at all. She couldn’t sit down or relax while my sister was moving around. Mom would watch as my sister cleaned and just kept asking her what she was doing. looking at possibly getting help for them at home because my mother has progressed to a point where she can’t be by herself for much longer. If we were in a perfect world, things would be different, but we’ve got to make it through these hard times and do what we can for the ones we love. When a client comes to me about similar situations with their folks, I understand where they’re coming from. I’m hoping that with this workshop, I can help other individuals recognize those early signs. We are working on having a full series of educational workshops on this, and I’m looking forward to introducing them to you as we are ready to roll them out. The difficult part of this situation is that they live so far away from the rest of the family. We’re

As he grows, so does his appetite. And he is a pretty smart dog when it comes to food. He knows where we keep the treats, and he knows how to open the cabinet to get at them. He’ll scratch at the door until it opens and then help himself to some self-served goodies — the rotten little turkey. Recently, we made him chicken jerky from scratch. Oliver absolutely loves it. If he drops one little crumb, he’ll hunt it down to make sure he gets every bite. It’s like little doggy crack to him. (No, he is NOT spoiled, thank you very much. Okay, maybe he is.) Around the office, we are working on a new workshop on dementia care that we are calling Spotting Non-Verbal Clues. The workshop will go over subtle clues aging parents give that things may not be quite right and how to spot them. It’s important for kids to recognize these signs to make sure their parents are taken care of. For example, over the holidays, many people visit their folks. While there, you might notice that a few things aren’t quite what they used to be. Maybe the house is messier than you remember, or maybe Mom shut off power to half the house because she’s concerned about the electricity bill. These are only a few of the many scenarios we plan to go over to help catch the early signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s. The workshop will be on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019. If you’re interested in attending, please contact Scarlet to RSVP. This subject is something that affects me personally. In a previous newsletter, I mentioned that I had gone to Alaska to visit my mom a few months ago. At the time I wasn’t concerned about her memory, but it seems to

Again, all the best and Happy New Year!

-Aaron Miller | 1

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