USASF Members: Event Producer - Guide for Event Compliance

Event Producer Report of Non-Compliance to USASF

_____ Age Violation: Must provide proof that an athlete competed on a team that they are not age eligible for and all investigations take place after the team competes. _____ Member Ineligibility: Must provide proof that an athlete or coach is not a USASF member, or does not meet the eligibility requirements for entry into the warm up room. _____ Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Includes any behavior by any member of a program that is in direct violation of the USASF Code of Conduct. _____ Recruiting: Participants at USASF Sanctioned events are not allowed to recruit/or solicit athletes or coaches for the purposes of enticing them to join other member program.

Filing Member Name:

Accused Member Name:

Filing Member Program:

Accused Member Program:

Filing Member Phone:

Accused Member Phone:

Filing Member Email:

Accused Member Email:

Notes from member filing the complaint:


Event Producer: Event Name: Event Date: Name of Event Director:

Notes by Event Director:


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