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Syngenta Flowers - “Better together” Continuing the breeding lines of Cyclamen from Syngenta Flowers and Varinova makes us better together. With series like Seewhy and Midori from Syngenta Flowers and Merita and Picola from Varinova we are ready to supply you with the best in class genetics. This wide assortment of Cyclamen provides well suited solutions for every grower in each climate. We have made significant progress in the last year to support you – our customers. Our aim is to provide you with exciting new innovations with the ambition to improve the end consumer experience. Our Key Account Management team together with our Customer Service team is there to help you select the right varieties for your business. Especially during Covid, when it’s difficult to travel, we use all opportunities of digital communication. With video meetings and online webinars we connect to our customers and to growers worldwide to support them getting the most of our genetics. In this brand-new catalogue for 2021, we are introducing lots of improvements to our core genetics with outstanding novelties. We believe innovation is needed everywhere in our business and we are proud to offer you flower varieties of even better quality, new flower and plant shapes and colors that will amaze and delight the end consumer. We are progressing in making Syngenta Flowers a synonym for innovation – but there is more! Syngenta is also committed to sustainability. Not only by creating more sustainable varieties, but also for more focus

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Midi • Merita

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• Snowridge Midi

Mini • Seewhy • Picola

• Canto Silver

• Rocolina Large • Perfetto • Sierra • Contiga


on sustainable production and supply. Our production is certified for Global G.A.P., Grasp and increasingly also for Fairtrade.

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• Facila

• Outsider

• Midori

In all that we do, we want to make sure that our core values are respected and shine through in our actions:

• Snowridge Mini

• Snowridge Maxi

• Goblet

• Rainier • Magnia

• Melody Outdoor

• Winfall

Passion for customers – we bring products, services and solutions that customers value.

• Maxora Fringed

• Silverado

• Friller

• Aloha

• Fleur en Vogue

• Synchro

• Winter Ice 51 • Rosie Rosa/Salmon Sammy 52

Long view – we aim at strengthening the industry for the future, economically, environmentally and socially.

Intermediate • Laser


Cultivation advice

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Growth for all – For our customers, our employees, communities and industry partners; we share the value we create. Determined execution – we are disciplined, focused and keep it simple; we are accountable and find a way to deliver.


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Production & use

How matters – we are transparent in what we do; we foster diversity and inclusion.

New varieties or colors

Earliness 1 = early / 5 = late

Pot size (cm)

From all of us at Syngenta Flowers, we thank you for your business and we look forward to continuing to work together in a successful partnership with you in the forthcoming years.

Flower size 1 = Small / 5 = Large



We wish you a great season!

Flowering months

Stem length 1 = Short / 5 = Long

Top Seller

Greenhouse performance 1 = compact / 5 = vigorous

Juul van Loon Head of Business International Syngenta Flowers

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