NAWIC's 2021-22 Annual Report

2021-2022 Annual Report

To strengthen and amplify the success of women in the construction industry Core Purpose Core Values

Women-focused Courageous leadership Commitment to inclusion and growth Anticipate change

Mission Statement

The association committed to championing women to impact the direction of the construction industry. NAWIC provides education, community, and advocacy for women.

Envisioned Future

Women’s contributions to the construction industry are recognized and sought after. Women’s leadership results in industry growth and success. Women receive compensation equal to all within the industry. NAWIC is identified as THE resource for female leadership, with members recognized for their expertise and commitment.

Letter from the Executive Director

For 67 years, the National Association of Women in Construction has stood as a building block for all women in the industry. Over the past several years, with the unrest and changes that have shook the world, we have heard an even greater and louder call to continue NAWIC’s mission to strengthen and amplify the success of women in the construction industry. Along with National President Doreen Bartoldus’ theme for the past year, Envision Equity, we have made our unified voices heard and we are making a difference within the construction industry

The national office staff, board of directors, and our membership across the country have worked together

to ensure our footprint is seen across the country and beyond. Through events such as WIC Week and industry advocates, such as our sponsors and Global Partners, women in construction are being seen and valued. The industry is recognizing the importance and vital need for women in the field. Within NAWIC, we have focused on creating a strong infrastructure. We have added office staff, who are constantly working and learning to ensure the association is strong. We have continued our efforts to ensure that NAWIC is in a healthy financial situation, which you can find out more about later in this program. The board has listened to members and the greater industry and has worked to address their concerns and issues . Our sister foundations, the NAWIC Education Foundation (NEF) and the NAWIC Founders Scholarship Foundation (NFSF), have both gone above and beyond to provide quality education and support to everyone interested in the industry. NEF launched new course companions to offer additional support to those taking certifications to further their career and have introduced hundreds of school-aged children to construction and to the trades. NFSF awarded over $140,000 in scholarships to construction students across the country. Together, we are creating a stronger, more equitable future for the construction industry.

I am so proud of the work that we have done over the past year- but we are not done yet.

Crissy Ingram, CAE NAWIC Executive Director

Letter from the President

This past year, as NAWIC continued to “Lead Builders and Build Leaders” we remain focused on our Strategic Plan. As you will see illustrated in this Annual Report, we have an Envisioned Future as the focus of our plan. With this Envisioned Future in mind, this past year had several aspects of focus: Infrastructure: A focus on our governance and value to members. This resulted in improvements to our website, a new mobile app, increased staff capacity, finished a Business Continuity Plan that will keep our organization afloat in case of disasters, streamlined the Strategic Plan and focused on more coordination between our committees.

Growth: In our membership and our value as an association for those members. We have definitely grown as is obvious in the numbers you will see in this report. We had an amazing WIC week and the increased focus on DE&I contributed greatly to this growth. Industry Recognition: This report also includes the ads and social media outreach accomplished with our Marketing consultant and staff, plus improved sponsorships that include multimember participation. Our Global Partner committee outreach to our Global Affiliates also contributed to our additional outreach to the industry letting all know who NAWIC is. Sustainability: Our industry is still seeing legislation affecting what is being built (Infrastructure) and how it is being built. So much education has been provided throughout the year and at Annual Conference focused on this critical industry trend. Equity as our Culture: This outcome can be felt all through our organization. NAWIC is focused on being an inclusive and welcoming organization and this is obvious in our members. Streamlined, positive and inclusive communication has been our priority. And most of all, I asked that this year we Envision Equity. This call to action starts with our envisioned future, women being treated with equity in our industry. And this year it has become a powerful Inspiration for our members and the greater construction community. With this theme we were able to achieve the highest level of engagement Women in Construction Week has ever seen. It was a call to action for everyone to reflect on what an equitable future looks like and work to that. "To be the arbiters to our construction industry of what it means to be equitable in treatment, we need to look at ourselves first and then translate that education to our industry partners." This was my ask. And we have certainly moved the needle in a positive direction. I am sure you have “felt” the difference. I will remain focused on having a positive impact on women in construction and look to elevate our status in the industry, with the vison of Equity for all.

Please continue to Envision Equity!

Doreen Bartoldus NAWIC National President

Year in Review 5,432 Members

118 Chapters


6 Global Partners

8 National Staff

Updated Website

Largest WIC Week


NAWIC reached its highest number of memberships as of July 1 since 2002. Active memberships make up a majority of total memberships, followed by corporate memberships. Associate, student, and retired membership types all stayed in the mid-100s. At-large memberships all stayed under 100 members, with 71 members- at-large, 10 students-at-large, and 4 retired-at-large members.

Largest region: Midwest Region with 803 members. Largest chapter: Puget Sound, WA Chapter #60 with 131 members. Largest membership type: Active with 3,960 members.

All information current as of July 1, 2022.

"NAWIC continues to become a recognized and respected organization that helps women and the industry become more equitable for all." -Executive Director Crissy Ingram


Over the past year, NAWIC has focused on raising awareness for the organization and women in the construction industry. Through initiatives like marketing campaigns and a focus on the website, social media, and outreach, the association has seen an increase in recognition and has become a key resource for both the construction industry and the general public.

26,543 total social media followers. 7992 total new social media followers.

126,684 total website visitors. 526,573 total website page views.


NAWIC has two investment accounts with two distinct goals, which both support a healthy & growing association. Account one keeps 12-18 months of expected cash flow for expenses liquid at all times. Account two supports NAWIC's extended vision with an emphasis on total return and has a target of 50% equities and 50% fixed income and cash.

"We expect the market volatility of this past year to continue for a variety of reasons, but also believe that your portfolio is built to help you reach your long-term goals with a moderate level of risk." -Todd Danley, Edward Jones Financial Advisor "The Board continues to make changes and move funds to better follow our association’s strategic plan and improve membership return on investment. This year I believe that this association has really set our sights on President’s Bartoldus theme “Envision Equity” through committee funds, staff improvements and improving technology." -Jessica Huff, NAWIC National Treasurer

Account One

"We try to keep 12-18 months of expected cash flow liquid at all times. We feel we have more than that amount liquid at this time." -Todd Danley, Edward Jones Financial Advisor

Account Two

"The original goal was to get this account over $1 million. Now that we have exceeded that goal, we have set a new goal to have $3 million in this account by December 31, 2030."

-Todd Danley, Edward Jones Financial Advisor


The 24th Annual Women in Construction Week saw record engagement and interest, both from chapters across the country and the larger construction industry.

Chapters commemorated the week through working with their local

government on proclamations, holding networking events and training sessions, and giving back to their communities. Companies held events and used social media to recognize their female employees and the value they bring to the industry. NAWIC National rolled out 'WIC Week Toolboxes' that talked about each day's theme and included events happening across the country and resources. Additionally, NAWIC's social media accounts reached record high engagement throughout the week. "So, I ask…. why stop here? Continue to promote women in the industry throughout the year. Continue to use social media to educate and advocate for the industry." -National WIC Week 2022 Chair Shawna Alvarado


"We envisioned equity. This year was dedicated to learning who we were as individuals, who we are within NAWIC, and how collectively we could shape the future of our industry. The National Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee was formed in the spring of 2021 by a group of women who wanted to ensure that all members were seen, heard, and recognized. Over the past year, it has provided educational opportunities for the association and the industry as a whole, inspired new ideas and open conversations, and created a space for everyone to be their authentic selves in.

We learned that everyone has a bias and if we slowed down long enough, we could minimize micro & macroaggressions.

We listened with our DE&I E.A.R. (Empathy, Attention, Respect) as we discovered the power of sharing our lived experiences through B.R.A.V.E. Talks (Be Real Authentic Vulnerable and Empowered). We learned that NAWIC like a prism of all of identities, reflects what we’d like to see in the our industry. We learned by building a culture of belonging where diverse representation supports equity, that we will nurture an inclusive industry and attract a sustainable workforce. Transforming the construction industry is an inside job, we have to start with ourselves first."

-Jennifer Morales, National DE&I Committee Chair


Though NAWIC is a national association, it's mission has grown into a world-wide initiative, powered by our Global Partners. There are now six affiliates throughout the world, all striving for equity for women in the construction industry. The Global Partners Committee has spent the past year rekindling relationships with affiliates and creating an international network of women in construction.

2021-2022 Executive Committee

National President Doreen Bartoldus, PE, CCM Jacobs Engineering Greater New York Chapter

National President Elect Lauline Mitchell, ESP BBI Construction San Francisco, CA Chapter

National Vice President Karen Hager, CBT, CIT, ESP AB Design Group, LLC Greater Orlando, FL Chapter

National Secretary Kelly Aust, LEED AP BD+C Skanska Portland, OR Chapter

2021-2022 Executive Committee

National Treasurer Jessica Huff JBHM Architecture Jackson, MS Chapter

Immediate Past President Anne Pfleger, CIT

Hancock Structural Steel, LLC Lima, OH./Ft. Wayne, IN Chapter

Parliamentarian Connie Leipard, CIT Quality Drywall Construction Central Missouri Chapter

Executive Director Crissy Ingram, CAE NAWIC Headquarters Fort Worth, TX

2021-2022 Region Directors

Midwest Region Director Raven Hoffman, CIT

Syverson Tiles & Stones, Inc. Greater Sioux Falls, SD Chapter

North Central Region Director Alison Frye, PE Lincoln Electric Cleveland, OH Chapter

Northeast Region Director Romina Byrd, SHRM-CP Miller & Long Greater Washington DC Chapter

Pacific Northwest Region Director Julie Salinas Brayer Electric San Francisco, CA Chapter

2021-2022 Region Directors

Pacific Southwest Region Director Karen Ellis Ellis Enterprises Greater Phoenix, AZ chapter

South Atlantic Region Director Stephany Connelly Covenant Roofing and Construction Raleigh, NC Chapter

South Central Region Director Rhonda Nebgen Emerson Construction Co., Inc. Waco, TX Chapter

Southeast Region Director Andrea Ward Summit Constructors, Inc. Nashville, TN Chapter

NEF provides education opportunities and programs to benefit and promote the construction industry,

2021-2022 Donations by Region

Certifications Attempted & Passed since 2020


Southeast South Central South Atlantic


Pacific Southwest Pacific Northwest Midwest North Central Northeast









Certifications Attempted

Certifications Passed





Design Drafting: A construction design

Block Kids: National building competition for elementary children to introduce them to construction

Create Design Build: A construction project for groups of students in 8th-12th grade

contest for high school & college students

3,854 NAWIC Students & Counting

7,000 Certifications Earned

$142,500 in scholarships awarded 79 scholarship recipients 4 scholarships to trade students 75 scholarships to undergraduate students

Awarded by NAWIC Chapters: 35


Male Recipients

Awarded by NAWIC Regions: 4

Female Recipients

Awarded by Corporations: 4


A LOOK AHEAD: 2022-2023

President Elect Lauline Mitchell's Goals for the Upcoming Year

"I would like to assist in keeping us relevant and viable while promoting ourselves shamelessly. I'd like to continue shaping what we pursue while remaining focused on enlarging our presence in the industry. The items we promote and endorse require our careful consideration and management.

I'd like to believe that I continue to bring alternate perspectives and the promotion of positive thoughts to those discussions. We should relentlessly strive to represent the best of women in construction. I'd like to further integrate our marketing and website which will continue to have positive impacts for our association. I want us to work towards becoming a household name. I will mentor and push those who show enthusiasm and promise to join our cause. I am determined to enlarge and elevate the female footprint within our industry using NAWIC as a basis for their support."

"We should relentlessly strive to represent the best of women in construction... I am determined to enlarge and elevate the female footprint within our industry using NAWIC as a basis for their support." -President Elect Lauline Mitchell

Past National Presidents

2020 - 2021 • Anne Pfleger, CIT 2019 - 2020 • Diane Mike, CBT, CRIS 2018 - 2019 • Dove Sifers-Putman, CBT 2017 - 2018 • Catherine D. Schoenenberger 2016 - 2017 • Connie M. Leipard, CIT 2015 - 2016 • Riki F. Lovejoy, CBT, CIT 2014 - 2015 • Sandy K. Field, CBT CIT 2013 - 2014 • Yasmine A. Branden, CCA 2012 - 2013 • Cindy Johnsen, CBT, CDS, CIT 2011 - 2012 • Judy DeWeese, CBT, CIT 2010 - 2011 • Debra M. Lesar, CIT 2009 - 2010 • Robin Fulton Meyer, CBT, CIT 2008 - 2009 • Pat J. McDonald, CBT, CCA, CIT 2007 - 2008 • Tamie K. Taylor, CDS, CDT, CIT 2006 - 2007 • Christie S. Wigginton, CIT 2005 - 2006 • Carol L. Chapman, CIT 2004 - 2005 • Nancy A. Eaton, CBT, CCA, CDS, CIT

1987 - 1988 • Joyce A. Lemons 1986 - 1987 • Sandra B. Glassie 1985 - 1986 • Jean Morrow 1984 - 1985 • Marilyn J. Camin, CIT 1983 - 1984 • Mary A. Magee 1982 - 1983 • Kathryn B. Pate 1981 - 1982 • Jan L. Burger 1980 - 1981 • Lura W. Bates Betz, CCA 1979 - 1980 • Arlean L. McPherson 1978 - 1979 • Donna L. Meidling, CIT 1977 - 1978 • Marcella Curry 1976 - 1977 • Patricia M. Pridmore 1975 - 1976 • Mary Ann Nall 1974 - 1975 • June N. Barton 1973 - 1974 • Eva S. Poling 1972 - 1973 • Janith J. Gould 1971 - 1972 • Bonnie M. Granger 1970 - 1971 • Marie M. Marshall 1969 - 1970 • Margaret Borg 1968 - 1969 • Florence Hawisher 1967 - 1968 • Grace W. Dollens 1966 - 1967 • Dorothy E. O’Connor 1965 - 1966 • Nelda Weatherly 1964 - 1965 • Martha J. Knowles 1963 - 1964 • Lettie Nixon 1962 - 1963 • Florence Creighton 1961 - 1962 • Clara Wilkerson Tuck 1960 - 1961 • Lois J. Acker 1959 - 1960 • Carrie Ann Marquette 1958 - 1959 • Lucille Holman 1957 - 1958 • Faye Brown

2003 - 2004 • Luci H. Roberts, CCA, CIT 2002 - 2003 • Linda A. Young, CBT, CIT

2001 - 2002 • Marcia Rackley, CIT 2000 - 2001 • Cindy J. Crawley, CIT 1999 - 2000 • Denise R. Norberg-Johnson, CCA 1998 - 1999 • Patsy M. Smith 1997 - 1998 • Mary Ellen Ledbetter 1996 - 1997 • Evelyn P. Clark, CCA 1995 - 1996 • Susan Levy, CCA 1994 - 1995 • Barbara R. Alleman, CCA 1993 - 1994 • Margaret L. Eure 1992 - 1993 • Jane F. Williams, CCA, CPEA 1991 - 1992 • Joan Mehos 1990 - 1991 • Darline H. Johnson, CGS 1989 - 1990 • Carol C. Ericson 1988 - 1989 • Judith T. Short, CCA

1956 - 1957 • Peggy Whistler 1955 - 1956 • Doris M. Efird

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