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That Will Change the Game

If you want to try winter camping this year, you can probably guess that staying warm and dry is vital, but that’s obvious if you want to survive. What if you actually want to enjoy the experience of being out in the elements in the dead of winter? It may sound extreme, but many people swear by camping in the cold — it’s an entirely different ball game. Keep these tips in mind for a cozy winter camping experience. Make Cowboy Coffee To make getting out of your sleeping bag in below-freezing temperatures a little easier, brew some cowboy coffee to sip around the fire as the sun rises over the mountains. First, place a pot of water over the fire until it boils. Take it off the heat and dump in 2 tbsp of grounds per 8 oz of water. Stir and let it steep for 4–5 minutes. Periodically tap the side of the pot a few times with a knife to help the grounds settle, or swirl the pot in a windmill motion to achieve the same effect with centrifugal force. Add a small amount of cold water to help the grounds settle to the bottom, then pour and enjoy! Bring Your Own Entertainment There more than likely won’t be any service where you’re going, and you’ll want to save your phone’s battery anyway. Since you won’t be able to be outside for long periods of time

in the evenings, bring a book or some board games to keep you occupied. The winter nights are far longer than the summer ones, so you’ll need something to do in the hours before you fall asleep. Packing a good flashlight is also a great idea!

Pack a Tent Heater High-quality cold-weather sleeping bags and pads are essential for winter camping, but a tent heater is a great way to go above and beyond to make sure you’re really comfortable. These portable heating units go the extra mile in keeping you warm and cozy in some of the most frigid conditions. Some heaters run on propane while others are electric, so prices and heat output vary widely, but if you find one that works for your trip and your budget, you won’t regret making that purchase. Whatever draws you out into the wilderness this winter, whether it’s ice fishing, hunting, or just a love of frosty trees and snow-capped mountains, give yourself every opportunity to enjoy that time as comfortably as possible. Who says camping can only be fun during the summer?


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