SF1000E Operator Manual | 1.2021

4. Problem: Draft blower will not run. NOTE: Verify that the wall thermostat is in the “HEAT” position, and make sure batteries are installed.

Possible Causes:


• Defective wall thermostat.

• This can be checked by turning the thermostat to a temperature setting that is higher than the temperature in your home, If the draft blower does not operate, the thermostat may be defective. Replace it if necessary.

• Wall thermostat is in the wrong position.

• Move switch on the wall thermostat to the “HEAT” position.

• Defective relay or transformer.

• Replace relay or transformer, as necessary.

• Defective draft motor.

• Replace draft motor.

5. Problem: Excessive dirt accumulation surrounding air registers in the home.

Possible Causes:


• Filter box not installed, or no filter in filter box • Furnace is not connected to return air duct and is drawing dirt from furnace room floor and disbursing it throughout home.

• Connect to return air duct system.

• Install filter box on furnace. Install filter in filter bo

6. Problem: Smoke from the fire chamber is puffing back through the forced draft mot . Possible Causes: Remedies:

• Furnace is not connected to return air and is drawing smoke fumes from the flue • Excessively long run of stove pipe from furnace to flue • Too many elbows.

• Connect return air to duct system, or room may be too airtight. Refer to “Location and Installation” section on page 5.

• Relocate the furnace so the horizontal run does not exceed 5 feet and has a 2 inch rise per foot. • The run should not contain more than 2 elbows.

• Poor flue performance.

• See pages 8-9.

• Negative pressure in furnace area.

• Provide fresh air to the furnace area.


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