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So, what can we do to ward off this all-to-common pain? How do we keep our kids and ourselves safe? It all comes down to posture. It’s not necessarily sitting itself that results in back pain; it’s the way we sit. Good posture doesn’t mean sitting stiff as a board, but it does mean putting as little strain on your shoulders and lower back as you can. Keeping your feet firmly planted on the floor, relaxing your shoulders, and keeping your back against the backrest help most. Sometimes this last part can be uncomfortable without a properly sized cushion for lumbar support. You can make your own by simply rolling up a towel, though it won’t stay in place after you stand up. Alternatively, you can pick up a lumbar roll from us here at the clinic — they come with a handy strap that keeps them from sliding off the chair when you move. Preventing back pain while driving is a little more difficult. You can’t exactly keep your feet to the floor while working the pedals, and standing up to take a break isn’t really an option — no matter how slow the traffic is moving. But adjusting your seat and mirrors to ensure you don’t have to lean your back or strain your neck while driving can help immensely. Lastly for the kids, the same rules for office sitting can be used in the classroom, lumbar supports and all. Some backpacks can compensate for added weight and keep your child from leaning forward as well. But the best thing you can do is keep your child active. Sports, theater, just playing in the park — anything you can do to keep your kids from spending even more of their time seated can work wonders. So, while the specter of lower back pain may be looming large for now, we can beat it. If you’ve been living with this pain for weeks at a time, however, it may be time for a physical therapy “exercism.” Come on into the clinic, and our professional clinicians can help you work out the pain and get back to doing what you love.

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With Halloween right around the corner, plenty of kids (and kids at heart) are getting ready to dress up as ghouls, goblins, and all manner of scary creatures. Sadly, my kids are getting a little too old for trick- or-treating, but this month, I wanted to focus on a particular specter that haunts our community year- round — lower back pain. By far, in all my years in practice, we see this condition most often, and the problem keeps growing. In fact, because we see so many sore backs day in and day out, calling it an epidemic feels appropriate. All the infomercials on products to prevent this condition along with the opioid crisis affecting families around the country indicate lower back pain is a widespread issue. In a very real way, it’s haunting our nation. The reason is simple — we’re far more sedentary these days than the human body was meant to be. In the old days, lower back pain was seen as a problem for seniors. Other issues would make it difficult for them to be active, so they’d spend more time sitting, leading to inflammation in their spine and muscles in their lower back. But today, most of us have to sit in heavy morning traffic so we can get to jobs where we sit in front of a computer screen for hours on end. Not even kids are safe from these aches anymore. We see a surprising number of kids coming in with lower back pain issues, and, as a parent and physical therapist, I have a pretty good idea what’s behind it. The amount of stuff students of all ages must carry around in their backpacks these days is unhealthy. On top of weighty textbooks, bulky graphing calculators, and other supplies, my kids have to worry about lugging around their Chromebooks. All that weight can compress the spine and force a child’s shoulders forward to keep balanced. This, coupled with those supportless, plastic classroom seats, is the perfect recipe for giving an otherwise spry child a debilitating back injury. BACK BUSTERS! WHO YOU GONNA CALL?

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