Vitalus Product Sheet - Milk Protein C v.3

MILK PROTEIN Concentrates and Isolates

Suitable for protein drinks, weight management products, yogurts, cheeses, nutrition bars, nutraceuticals, soups and sauces.

Vitalus Milk Protein Concentrates (MPC) and Isolates (MPI) are manufactured using gentle, low temperature ultra-filtration and advanced spray-drying technology. The low-heat process ensures the native milk proteins (micellar casein and whey) are not denatured and provide outstanding functionality. Properties: • Clean, milky taste and light, milky aroma • High opacity • Highly soluble and heat stable • Low sedimentation • Excellent emulsifying properties • Excellent amino acid profile • Highly digestible • 100% locally-sourced Canadian milk • rBST free

Milk Protein Isolate 90% Milk Protein Concentrate 85% Milk Protein Concentrate 80% HT Milk Protein Concentrate 80% Milk Protein Concentrate 70% 1 800 665 3447 *As regulatory requirements vary by jurisdiction, contact us to determine approved uses in your region.

C v.3

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