American Consequences - June 2018


Re: Our Newest Readers Weigh In I had my first experience with your publication today. To be honest I was entranced. I have not read a single thing in the past months that held me so tightly as did your delightful writing. If I didn’t have work that needs to be completed and packing that must be done I’d try another issue. – Leland S. The education perspectives are very useful and timely. America has many issues now but our current education system is the most frightening to me. The phrase “failing miserably” comes to mind, but there are bright spots occasionally. – Lee H. Hello PJ and Contributors, I would like to compliment you on this edition. It was filled with the best articles that I have read in a long time. I should mention that I don’t read many newspaper or magazine articles any more, mainly because of reasons covered in your articles! I try to find unbiased articles online for my “reading enjoyment,” but they are hard to come by. If you know of any other sites, please let me know! – Arnold P. P.J. O’Rourke comment: Arnold, Leland, and Lee – I blush! And I thank you. Or, rather, we thank you. American Consequences is blessed with terrific editors and writers. They tackled a big subject, and I think they brought it down way behind the line of scrimmage, causing

major yardage loss for Education Establishment U. (Team mascot: Cracked Egghead.)

Re: Betsy and the Blob May issue of American Consequences

Betsy Davos? She’s a low life crook who is letting so called for profit higher education schools rip off high school graduates who are trying to get ahead into becoming indentured servants to mafia loan sharks. The same crooks decent people like Elizabeth Warren have been exposing and fighting against. Have you no shame?” – Gerald S. P.J. O’Rourke comment: Gerald, tell us what you really think. As to whether I have any shame... Yes, I’m ashamed of myself for yelling at the dog this morning, just because she chewed on the new pair of shoes that I should have known better than to leave where she could get them. But no, I’m not ashamed of running a piece that yelled at the Education Establishment for chewing on Betsy DeVos. She’s a smart, brave, hard-working woman with good values who has spent millions of her own money to put those values into practice. You may disagree with her, but you have no occasion to insult her the way I’m about to insult Elizabeth Warren. You say Warren is a decent person. I ask – at the risk of a pun that may be offensive to Native American sensibilities – “How?”

16 June 2018

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