American Consequences - June 2018


T his month, we’re talking about the Heartland... The mysterious middle of America that few folks on the Coast understand. It’s blamed for weighing down GDP... for electing President Donald Trump... even for holding on to cultural values that are no longer politically correct. Editor in Chief P.J. O’Rourke starts us out by defining what we mean by Coastal vs. Heartlander... and Dr. David Eifrig talks about a resurgence in the Heartland as rural communities start to outpace urban growth. Hedge fund legend Mark Spitznagel talks with P.J. about goats, black swans, and what it will take to “unlock” the Heartland’s undervalued assets... while advertising exec and lifelong Toledo resident John Fedderke asks whether the Rust Belt city will shine again? Financial analyst Matt McCall talks about the future of legal marijuana in the U.S... while author and feature writer Geoff Norman brings us a long read from Vermont, one of the front lines of the American heroin epidemic.

P.J. asks, “What’s up with the Farm Bill?” There’s plenty of manure here to spread around. And Bill Bonner shares an essay from the slaughtering yard that you should keep handy –there’s a chance we all end up raising hogs in our backyards. ProPublica’s Alec MacGillis wrote a great article just after the 2016 election that we’re republishing – mostly because we suspect that most “Coastal elites” still don’t get it... It’s not about people loving President Trump. It’s about people hating them . Then, our anonymous top lobbyist shares how bills are really passed in Washington D.C. with the Puppies Are Cute Act (“PACA”)... And bestselling author Turney Duff details a chilling experience about trading tragedy. Sebastián Edwards details America’s forgotten default... Dr. Steve Sjuggerud shares the surprising loser in a U.S.-China trade war... Richard N. Haass thinks North Korea could be the best thing for the relationship between the U.S. and China since the collapse of the Soviet Union... And Buck Sexton talks about a growing Coastal panic, what if the so-called “blue wave” doesn’t happen? Enjoy the issue. And tell us what you think at Regards, Steven Longenecker Managing Editor, American Consequences

‘Toledo’s not rusted, we’re just a bit tarnished.’ I couldn’t have said it better myself!

John Fedderke

4 June 2018

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