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Money Can Buy You Happiness Through Experiences

My wife and I love to travel. We didn’t always travel as much as we do now, and it wasn’t always to different countries. But through our experiences, we learned how precious these trips were to us. For nine years, we used to vacation in Indian Wells for the BNP Tennis Tournament every year around the first or second week of March. It was what we looked forward to — it was our big vacation. We had season tickets and spent 10–12 days soaking in the sun and watching as much tennis as we possibly could. We knew everyone around us because they visited year after year, too. We started treating Indian Wells and Palm Springs like a second home — we knew the best places to stay, eat, and play, and we didn’t need a GPS to get around. It was neat, but we realized that there was much of the world we hadn’t seen. We’d been on cruises before to Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Mexico, and we really enjoyed that, but we wanted something a cruise couldn’t offer. The two of us had always wanted to go to Europe, so we decided to look for something we could enjoy there. While searching, I found the seven-day “Best of Paris” tour with Rick Steves, which happened to be at the same time as the French Open. It was perfect! I went ahead and bought the best seats I could — center court — and we were set to go. The

week was unforgettable. We had such an amazing time that we became hooked immediately. My wife and I agreed that this was the type of touring we wanted to do. Out of all the trips I’ve taken, seeing the Eiffel Tower was one of my favorite moments. Because it was our first trip doing something like that, it has stuck with me. We were staying two blocks away from the tower. It’s so much larger than I would have thought. It was so surreal to just look over, and there it was. My other favorite moment was definitely stepping foot into Court Philippe Chatrier at Roland-Garros for the first time. Estelle and I are tennis fans, and experiencing a moment like that was breathtaking. For the first time traveling to Paris and watching the French Open, it was perfect. From this trip and those that followed, I discovered that these experiences are important. Investing the time, money, and energy into these trips makes each one of them memorable and long-lasting. It’s true that money can buy you nice things, but they’re just that — things. In the end, they’re just inanimate objects — but an experience will stay with you. These adventures are the type of possesion that my wife and I can think back on and know for sure

Estelle and me seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time

Berlin Law Firm • As you read this article, I’ll have just returned from another Rick Steves tour in March, this time in Italy. I continue to try to make as many memorable experiences as I can with Estelle. We’re always excited and eager for our next adventure. - Lee Berlin that we’d absolutely do it again. Instead of buying something like a fancy car, we save our money for our experiences.


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