West Coast Chiropractic Experts - June 2020

June 2020

THE SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE WHAT MY DAD TAUGHT ME ABOUT FATHERHOOD I Heard You! It’s been enlightening to share this newsletter with you for the past six months, and my hope is that it serves a purpose for you. So, when you asked for health-oriented content, I knew I had to adjust! That’s why you may notice this edition is different than previous newsletters. I hope this proves to be more beneficial for you and your team, and let us know what you think! Enjoy.

older and become a dad myself, I have gained more respect for him. Besides an affinity for reading, I inherited my father’s desire for adventure. Even during our family’s COVID-19 quarantine, I was itching to get outside, and we took daily bike rides with the kids. Throughout the years, we’ve taken the kids all across the West, including Utah, Death Valley, and the Grand Canyon. As long as we’re exploring together, it’s an adventure worth having. Recently, I had a really rewarding moment with my sons. Whenever there’s a toy with wheels, like most boys, they want to build a ramp for it. We did this recently for their remote control cars. As I helped them with the tools and showed them what to do, my oldest son turned to me and said, “Hey, Dad, thanks for this.” I told him how nice it was to hear that while choking back a few tears. I guess that’s what being a dad is all about. Whether it’s Tuesday night concerts, traveling hundreds of miles for the best steaks, or building ramps in the garage, just being there for the adventures is what makes being a dad so special.

Every Father’s Day, my best friend Mark and I used to drive to Jocko’s Steakhouse in Nimopo, California, for some of the best steak we have ever had in our lives. The reputation of this small- town, middle-of-nowhere steakhouse made the long drive to get there worth it. You have to book a reservation two months in advance to even get a seat! I’ll never forget taking my boys with me one year. Mark and I were chatting about how great it is to be a dad, when my son stood up on his chair and said, “Dad I have to pee!” Before I could escort him to the restroom, he went ahead and peed right there at the table! As a parent, I was mortified; as a guy, I thought it was hilarious. That’s just one of the many memories I have celebrating parenthood with some of the best steaks in California — and I owe it all to my dad. My dad was an original foodie and all about adventure. He would read the Los Angeles Times every single day from cover to cover, and then he would take us to the places he read about in the Times. Dad was never one to sit in front of the TV. As the children of divorce,

we spent our weekends with Dad, and that meant we had to be out doing something, making memories, and exploring. I didn’t always understand why were traveling three hours on a Sunday for steak at Jocko’s, but it provided me with some great memories and a catalog of great restaurants across California. When I talk to others about the experiences I’ve had or the things I did as a kid, I realize I was pretty lucky! How many other people can say they fell asleep in the fifth row of a Monkees concert in junior high? Thanks to my dad, I can. (My brother and sister still can’t believe I did that. In my defense, it was a Tuesday night!) By the time I was a teenager, I had seen The Beatles, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Genesis (Phil Collins’ band), the Monkees, Joe Cocker, and The Rolling Stones — Guns N’ Roses opened for the Stones, too. These concerts were often on weeknights, and I’m sure my mom was never happy that we were spending school nights with rockers. But sometimes breaking the rules creates the best memories. My dad and I didn’t always have the greatest relationship, but as I’ve grown

Happy Father’s Day!

–Dr. Josh Satterlee 1 www.westcoastchiroexperts.com



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