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Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook

What’s the holiday season without the sound of seasonal house guests filling your home? With easy and convenient hostess trends in the food & drink, DIY & crafts, and entertaining categories, rounding out a party-ready content plan couldn’t be simpler. The following guide is complete with category trend data from Ahal- ogy Muse. Your brand can use these insights to drive content creation, discover examples of high-quality branded influencer content, and explore thought starters for your own campaign planning.

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Halloween is the perfect time to inspire shoppers of all ages—and we’re predicting these spooky trends will be among the top performing topics for Halloween 2019. Turn these topics into branded content by incorporating your product in a unique way with the help of our influencer network of Ahalogy Partners. Halloween Trends Q4 OCCAS IONS TREND OUTLOOK

10 | Game Day with Frito Lay

Halloween is a time to eat, drink, and be scary! Prepare customers for the spooky season with adventurous Hal- loween Hair and Makeup Tutorials to equip them for a variety of upcoming parties and events. Adult audiences love to celebrate Halloween, too, so trick-or-treat them to inspiration for events ranging from work celebrations to Halloween night festivities. Halloween Costume HAL LOWEEN TREND

TOP RELATED KEYWORDS: • Costume Party • Hat • Unicorn Frappuccino • Sword • Scarecrow

• Trick-or-Treating • Tutu (Clothing) • Mask • DIY • Cosplay • Cape • Body Painting • Skeleton

“Halloween Costume” starts to trend in anticipation of the holiday in mid-August and peaks early on October 6, falling sharply after October 31. JAN MAR JUN SEP DEC

Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Hair How-To

Work-Friendly Costume

12 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 13

Trick-or-Treat HAL LOWEEN TREND:

It’s not shocking that “Trick-or-Treat” trends during this time of year, but what can be surprising is consumers’ Front Door Décor. Inspire shoppers to keep the neighbor- hood kids on their toes with an eerie entryway instead of just propping up the same boring ole broom from last year.


• Chocolate • Costumes • Apple • Bag • Allergy • Leftover • Jack-O-Lantern • Maize • Pumpkin • Ghost • Cookie

“Trick-or-Treating” gains momentum in searches starting in mid-August, with a peak on October 28, before declining immediately after the holiday. JAN MAR JUN SEP DEC

Front Porch Decor

Leftover Candy Hacks

Homemade Trick-or-Treat Favors

14 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 15

Although Halloween appears to be all about the sugar rush, there are plenty of parents who are looking for healthy “Classroom Party Ideas.” Whether it’s a clemen- tine turned into a pumpkin activity or apple slices that are morphed into vampire teeth craft, there are plenty of ways you can inspire shoppers to add a spooky twist to their kids’ favorite fruits and veggies. Classroom Party Ideas HAL LOWEEN TREND:

TOP RELATED KEYWORDS: • Craft • Parents • Treats • Class Mom • Activity • Games • Bingo • Cookie Bar • Favor • Pumpkin • Spider Web • Monster • Bag

“Halloween Class Party” trends around the holiday, beginning in mid-August, with a peak in mid-October, and quickly drops off. JAN MAR JUN SEP DEC

DIY Treat Bags

Caramel Apple Bar

Healthy Halloween Hacks

16 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 17

Even though it’s a Halloween bash, no one wants a dead party. It just takes a one-stop shopping trip to bring any entertaining event back from the grave. Your brand can inspire shoppers to complete their Halloween celebra- tions with “Spooky Party Treats” like Witches’ Brew Punch and Graveyard Dip! Spooky Party Treats HAL LOWEEN TREND:

TOP RELATED KEYWORDS: • Pumpkin • Candy Corn • Spooky • Cupcakes • Dessert • Punch • Dip • Decorations

• Snack • Drink • Creepy • Peanut Butter • Healthy

Rising in popularity at the beginning of August, “Spooky Party Treats” remains a popular topic until Halloween passes. JAN MAR JUN SEP


Spooky Dessert Truffles

Witches’ Brew Punch

Graveyard Dip

18 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 19


In Collaboration with: The Forked Spoon

By combining everyone’s favorite candies—Fun Size M&M’S, SNICKERS, and Twix from Walmart— The Forked Spoon provided audiences with a guaranteed treat during the Halloween season with her chunky “Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Bites.” Perfect for feeding a crowd at a Halloween bash, this chilled dessert is simple to store and serve whenever shoppers are entertaining. We love how The Forked Spoon managed to highlight all three Halloween candies in one easy recipe.


Ha l l owe e n Par t y Trea t s

Che e s e cak e Re c i pe s

Bi t e -S i z ed De s s e r t s

20 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook

Keurig Dr Pepper at Target HAL LOWEEN PARTY STAT ION

In Collaboration with: Glitter Inc.

Don’t let this cobweb-covered party station fool you, it’s sure to be put to good use by guests this Halloween season. Glitter Inc. teamed up with Keurig Dr Pepper to inspire readers to host a Halloween get-together around a “Eat, Sip, and Be Scary Halloween Party Station” for friends and neighbors—preparing them for a night of fright and festivities or replenishing and relaxing after trick-or-treating.


Ha l l owe e n Bar Car t

Adu l t Ha l l owe e n Par t y

Ha l l owe e n Mock t a i l s

22 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook


In Collaboration with: Little Miss Party Planner

Little Miss Party Planner inspired shoppers to put candy to decorative use by creating a “Haunted Halloween House with Mars Candy” for All Hallow’s Eve. By ornamenting a gingerbread house with Mars candy from Walmart, she was able to adorn her own house with this unique, person- alized decoration. Then, she used top Entertaining trends like a skull tablecloth, spooky centerpiece, and more to prepare audiences for a party that’s sure to haunt them with fun memories.


Ed i b l e De cor

Ha l l owe e n Par t y De cor

Gi ng e rbread Hous e DIY

24 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook

Wholesome at Whole Foods CREEPY HAL LOWEEN PUNCH

In Collaboration with: Happy Healthy Mama

Looking for a batch beverage that packs a punch of flavor and nutrients? Happy Healthy Mama teamed up with Wholesome at Whole Foods to inspire audiences with her “Creepy Halloween Punch,” made with a combination of all-natural fruit and veggie juice. This bright orange drink is the perfect Halloween hue and is decked out with Wholesome Gummy Worms and Spooky Spiders for a spookalicious twist.


Ba t ch Mock t a i l

Hea l t hy Ha l l owe e n

Schoo l Ha l l owe e n Par t y

26 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook

It’s no secret that food & drink content is king for Thanks- giving. But with so many recipes to choose from, how do you ensure your content breaks through the clutter? Let the data guide your decision-making this holiday season. The following topics are predicted to be among the top-performing influencer content for Thanksgiving 2019. Thanksgiving Trends Q4 TREND OUTLOOK

28 | Game Day with Frito Lay

House: decorated. Menu: planned. Guest bathroom: refreshed. Everyone can make their guests feel extra thankful with this “Guest Bathroom Refresh” trend. Show audiences how to cut down on the holiday hosting stress by stocking their guest bathroom with extra rolls of toilet paper, tissues, and Seasonal Air Fresheners for a cozy Thanksgiving twist. Guest Bathroom Refresh THANKSGIVING TREND:

TOP RELATED KEYWORDS: • Sweat Equity • Carrara Marble • Flour Sack

• Toilet • Bidet • Floor • Mirror • Barn Door • Cactus • Tile • Farmhouse • Towel • Housewarming

“Guest Bathroom” trends throughout the year with a peak on November 16, right before Thanksgiving. JAN MAR JUN SEP


Seasonal Air Fresheners

DIY Potpourri

Seasonal Hand Towels

30 | Game Day with Frito Lay

Q4 Occ sions Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 31

“Bar Cart Inspiration” is sure to be a hot topic this Thanksgiving, so give dranks! Your brand can inspire shoppers with influencer content made for a crowd of thirsty guests—like Large Batch Cocktails for Entertain- ing as well as Kid-Friendly Mocktails. Bar Cart Inspiration THANKSGIVING TREND:

TOP RELATED KEYWORDS: • Healthy • Pomegranate • Cranberry • Spiced

• Sangria • Mocktail • Bourbon • Cinnamon • Mule • Pumpkin • Apple • Fall • Punch

“Thanksgiving Cocktail” begins trending in mid-August, reaching an all-time high on November 19, and continues to trend through Friendsgiving celebrations in late December. JAN MAR JUN SEP DEC

Lightened-Up Sparkling Substitutes

Large Batch Cocktails for Entertaining

Kid-Friendly Mocktails

32 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 33

Turkey Day is ready for a revamp. Instead of the usual bird, your brand can inspire shoppers to freshen it up this year with a Vegan Main Dish like a vegan turkey role. Looking for a smaller way to modernize the Thanksgiving Day traditions? Switch out a side dish for a healthier Low-Carb Casserole. Beyond the Turkey THANKSGIVING TREND:

TOP RELATED KEYWORDS: • Healthy • Pomegranate • Cranberry • Spiced

• Sangria • Mocktail • Bourbon • Cinnamon • Mule • Pumpkin • Apple • Fall • Punch

Growing in popularity at the beginning of September, “Thanksgiving Side Dish” comes to a sharp peak on November 17 and quickly drops at the end of December—just before Christmas. JAN MAR JUN SEP DEC

Low-Carb Casserole

Vegan Main Dishes

Last-Minute Side Dish

34 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 35

The Thanksgiving season is a time for the entire family to come together— including the newest additions! Many new moms have to travel during the holiday season, so we see “New Mom Bag Essentials” spike during this busy time of year. Free printable supply lists with seasonal baby food ingredients like apple, sweet potato, and kale are a great way to capture parents’ attention with this fun Lifestyle trend. New Mom Bag Essentials THANKSGIVING TREND:

TOP RELATED KEYWORDS: • Backpack • Baby Sling • Toddler • Cloth Diaper • Shrug

• Tote Bag • Wet Wipe • Moccasin • Handbag

• Baby Transport • Product Sample • Minimalism • Pacifier

While “New Mom Bag Essentials” spikes throughout the year, we see this topic peak on November 13—right before the Thanksgiving holiday JAN MAR JUN SEP DEC

DIY Baby Food

Mom Bag Essentials

What’s in My Baby Bag

36 | Game Day with Frito Lay Q4 Occ sions Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 37

“Friendsgiving” is a tradition that gains more momentum year by year. Have influencers create dishes and drinks that delight the eye and the appetite with Insta-Worthy Cocktails and carefully arranged Appetizer Boards. Friendsgiving THANKSGIVING TREND:

TOP RELATED KEYWORDS: • Charcuterie • Appetizer

• Cocktail Topper • Brussels Sprouts • Vegan • Cheesecake • Tablescape • Printable Invite • Moscow Mule • Color Scheme • Modern • Table • Home Decor

Friendsgiving rises in popularity at the end of September, peaks on November 15, and continues to trend until mid-December. JAN MAR JUN SEP DEC

Appetizer Boards

Insta-Worthy Cocktials

Modern Side Dish Recipes

38 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 39



In Collaboration with: Francois et Moi

Thanksgiving gives friends and family the opportunity to gather around food and give thanks. Francois et Moi encouraged shoppers to mix up this year’s Friendsgiving with her “3 Tips for Throwing a Festive Friendsgiving Gathering.” By combining peanut butter, Butterfinger Cup Cereal Treats, toasted rice cereal, mini marshmallows, and butter, audiences can serve a hassle-free treat that’s sure to satisfy their guests’ sweet tooth.


Fr i e nds g i v i ng

No -Bak e De s s e r t

Thank s g i v i ng Tab l e s cape

40 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook


In Collaboration with: Baked Ambrosia

It’s easy to be merry, berry, and bright when you’re sipping on Baked Ambrosia’s recipe for “White Wine Spritzers.” Made with Edna Valley Chardonnay from E.&J. Gallo Winery, readers were encouraged to spritz up their holi- day festivities with this shareable drink. This lightened-up seasonal cocktail is easy to customize with fresh fruit mix- ins—making it a must-have addition to any party menu.


Hea l t hy Ho l i day Cock t a i l

Wi ne Cock t a i l

Spr i t z e r How-To

42 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook


In Collaboration with: Little Miss Party Planner

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and food. Little Miss Party Planner teamed up with Del Monte at Walmart to inspire audiences for the upcoming Friendsgiving festivities. She showed readers how to cut down on the holiday hosting stress by incorporating Del Monte canned vegetables into fan-favorite casserole recipes. Thanks to Little Miss Party Planner, friends are sure to leave the cele- bration with full bellies and full hearts.


Fr i e nds g i v i ng

Gr e e n Bean Cas s e ro l e

Thank s g i v i ng Ent e r t a i n i ng

44 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook

Holiday Trends Q4 TREND OUTLOOK

‘Tis the season for holiday-focused trends that lead to authentically festive content. As the weather gets colder, people are on the lookout for good times with great people. The holidays are all about people coming together and celebrating with friends and family around food, drinks, gifts, and parties. Explore the following chapter to see our holly, jolly picks for the top trending topics this winter and inspire your shoppers to have an unforgettable season filled with cheer.

46 | Game Day with Frito Lay

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Let the fes- tivities begin with influencer content featuring a Hot Chocolate Bar stocked with toppings and alcohol pairings or inspire shoppers to indulge in a Dessert Charcuterie Board created with your brand’s products. Festive Entertaining HOL IDAY TREND:

TOP RELATED KEYWORDS: • Appetizer • Cocktail • Chocolate • Cheeses • Guests • Hostess • Kids • Bite-Size

• Friends • Casual • Bar • Table • Stress-Free

“Holiday Entertaining” remains popular throughout the entire season, starting at the end of September and remaining popular until the new year. JAN MAR JUN SEP DEC

Hot Cocoa Bar

Hostess Gift

Dessert Charcuterie Board

48 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 49

Whether it’s by car, by plane, or by Rudolph’s sleigh, fami- lies are always on the go during the holiday season. While traveling to see friends and relatives is great, it can also be a little tough for the youngest family members. Help parents make each trip as easy as possible with a “Holiday Travel Survival Kit” that’s packed full of toddler-approved snacks and must-have supplies. When combined with fun travel games and easy packing hacks, this trend is sure to get you on the nice list with parents. Holiday Travel Survival Kit HOL IDAY TREND

TOP RELATED KEYWORDS: • Homesickness • Airplane • Zero Waste • Skincare • First Aid Kit • Beauty

• Baggage • Kleenex • Toiletry Bag • Personal Care • Flu Season • Road Trip • Essential Oil

“Travel Kit” is most popular during the summer but experiences a slight spike in mid December before the holiday season. JAN MAR JUN SEP DEC

On-the-Go Wellness Kit

DIY Baby Food

Traveling with Toddlers

50 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 51

From cookie exchanges to leaving a treat for Santa, sea- sonal sweets are huge this time of year. Inspire shoppers to stock up on stocking stuffers and have mom get the kids involved by sharing influencer content featuring No-Bake Giftable Treats. Holiday Baking HOL IDAY TREND:

TOP RELATED KEYWORDS: • Cookies • Chocolate • Peanut Butter • Kids • Recipes • Tradition • Shortbread

• Printable • Exchange • Organize • Healthy • No-Bake • Gift

“Holiday Baking” is a popular topic starting in mid-September, peaking in mid- December, with a decline in the new year. JAN MAR JUN SEP DEC

Stocking Stuffers

No-Bake Giftable Treats

Baking with Kids

52 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 53

Baby’s first Christmas is a milestone, but new parents deserve a thoughtful gift too. A gift basket with much- needed baby products plus some fun add-ins for mom and dad is a great way to make first-time parents feel appre- ciated this holiday season. This ho-ho-holiday gift idea is all about the presentation, so show shoppers fun and easy ways to package each present. Gifts for New Mom HOL IDAY TREND

TOP RELATED KEYWORDS: • Baby Shower • Diary

• Nursery • Self Care

• Basket • Gender • Wine Glass • Postpartum Period • Shower Gel • Necklace • Mug • Infant Bed • Diaper

“New Mom Gift” trends well during the holiday season, climbing from early November to spike on December 12. JAN MAR JUN SEP


Newborn Presents

New Mom Gift Basket

Spa Day Gift Bag

54 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 55

Christmas Morning Breakfast HOL IDAY TREND:

TOP RELATED KEYWORDS: • French Toast • Casserole • Brunch • Cinnamon Roll • Savory • Make-Ahead

Minimize the amount of effort for moms on Christmas morning and inspire shoppers to maximize the memories with a little preparation. Influencers can share tips for stashing a Breakfast Casserole in the fridge or stowing mimosa ingredients at the bar to have all the details squared away for this anticipated day.

• Overnight • Egg Bake • Muffin • Peppermint • Tradition • Gingerbread • Eggnog

“Christmas Breakfast” starts appearing in searches in late October, peaks on the winter solstice, and falls after Christmas day. JAN MAR JUN SEP DEC

Mimosa Bar

Coffee Bar Cart

Breakfast Casserole

56 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 57

Georgia-Pacific at Dollar General QUICK HOL IDAY ENTERTAINING HACKS

In Collaboration with: This Worthey Life

Ho, ho, oh no! Where did the time go? The Worthey Life equipped audiences for last-minute holiday entertaining this season with a long list of hacks that readers are sure to check twice. She encouraged shoppers to stock up on toilet paper, paper towels, and more Georgia-Pacific products from Dollar General for a quick and convenient solution to holiday hosting.


Gue s t Room Pr e p

Ho s t i ng Hack s

Ho l i day Ho s t i ng Che ck l i s t

58 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook


In Collaboration with: Style Sweet CA

The first noel is even sweeter when you’ve got plenty of no-bake dessert recipes to choose from! With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, customers are looking for shortcuts on time without sacrificing delicious flavor as they prepare their holiday desserts. Style Sweet CA teamed up with Kraft Heinz to share her No-Bake Eggnog Cheese- cake to prepare customers for seasonal entertaining. Easy to store, slice, and share during any celebration, this recipe is sure to be a hit during the holiday season.


Che e s e cak e Re c i pe s

No -Bak e De s s e r t


60 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook


In Collaboration with: RD’s Obsessions

RD’s Obsessions inspired audiences to “bee” ready to meet someone under the mistletoe with Burt’s Bees Beeswax Bounty and Burt’s Bees Handcream Trio stocking stuffers. Chapped lips and dry hands plague people all winter long, so these Burt’s Bees gift sets from Target are universally appreciated gift ideas for any family member, significant other, coworker, or friend.


S t ock i ng S tu f f e r s

Gi f t s f or Gi r l s

Co -Work e r Gi f t s

62 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook

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64 | Q4 Occasions Trend Outlook


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