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The Best Human Holiday

Bubba’s Thoughts on Thanksgiving

D ogs don’t have holidays, but if we did, I would take Thanksgiving over any other human holiday. Christmas is fun, but buying a bunch of gifts looks pretty stressful. Meanwhile, Thanksgiving is a whole day dedicated to eating great food and taking naps. That’s the dream. My friend Dr. Derrick Nelson also enjoys Thanksgiving. At our house, Derrick and his wife, Tiffany, both love to cook, so they split the menu. The kitchen smells all kinds of delicious for hours! I know I’m not supposed to eat table scraps, but when Derrick is smoking the turkey and Tiffany is whipping up her famous dressing, it’s hard not to beg. On Thanksgiving, I get to enjoy a peaceful day full of naps at home. Meanwhile, the family heads out to visit some other relatives. I’m not sure who they’re going to have Thanksgiving dinner with because they alternate between spending the day with Derrick’s family one year and Tiffany’s family the next. It sounds like one household would really miss out every other Thanksgiving, but come Christmas, they will be at the other house for the holiday, so it all works out. A funny thing I have noticed about human Thanksgivings is how much they change. I’ve heard stories about Derrick’s Thanksgiving traditions when he was a young pup. They’d go to his aunt and uncle’s house every year for a big celebration. These days, Derrick’s siblings are all grown and married, so everyone is more scattered around for the holidays. It’s a little sad, but this kind of change also makes the time families are able to spend together more special. And you have the chance to create new traditions as the years go by.

and the family scored tickets to the Cowboys’ Thanksgiving Day game against the Washington Redskins. Derrick and Tiffany have been to many

games, but this will be the first time the girls, Savannah and Charley, are going to a live game. It’s no fetch, but football is still pretty great, so I’m sure the family is going to have a good time.

Thanksgiving isn’t all about football and food, of course. The holiday is about giving thanks — it’s right in the name! Derrick says the main reason he loves Thanksgiving is because it’s a time to be thankful to God and appreciate all the blessings He has given us. For Derrick, the blessings he appreciates are his loving family, supportive friends, and the staff and clients at the clinic — all the people in his life who make each day a little better. As for what I’m thankful for, well, it’s hard to say. We dogs appreciate everything in life, from an interesting new smell to a well-thrown ball, but there are two things that I’m extra thankful for. First, I’m thankful I am on a strict weight loss diet, because the second thing I am thankful for is Savannah and Charley feeding me whenever I want. I can enjoy plenty of food without getting a spare tire, as they say.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I hope you have good food and great traditions to look forward to this year.


This year, a new tradition may be born. Now that the clinic has partnered with The Star, proud home of the Dallas Cowboys, Derrick


Treating Your Pets Like Family



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