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treasures most are our handwritten, personalized notes and our efforts to help out around the house. The women in Edith’s family all get each other something for Mother’s Day, which I think is really nice. It’s never anything big, but it’s a small gesture to let everyone know how much they are valued by all the members of the family. Everyone gets Edith’s mom a gift, and we make sure to send her flowers on top of everything else. This will be my second Mother’s Day without my mom, which is hard. She was a wonderful mother, and I miss her terribly. Thankfully, when I think back on the times we shared, I am able to laugh. Whenever I complained of aches, pains, or sickness, I could count on my mom telling me one thing: “Untate Vicks Vaporub y acuestate.”Whether it was the flu, a simple mosquito bite, or full-fledged pneumonia, Vicks VapoRub was the cure. It’s a strange coincidence, but Edith has told me that many moms in Mexico say, “Put on some Vicks VapoRub and go to bed.” Yet, somehow, my mom adopted the saying, too. I have no idea where she

My wife, Edith, always says that the best part of being a Mexican mother in the United States is that she gets two days to celebrate Mother’s Day. In the States, we celebrate the second Sunday in May, while in Mexico, they celebrate Día de las Madres on May 10. While the days may be different, both cultures recognize that mothers are the foundation on which the family is built. In my opinion, Edith and all the moms in our family deserve an entire Mother’s Month, not just one day. One of the things I love most about Edith is howwonderful of a mom she is to our kids. Every year, I make sure that all the kids get Edith something special. Sometimes, it’s flowers and a card; other times, it’s a trinket or a handmade craft. Once I’ve helped the kids brainstorm their gifts, I pick out something special for her too. Edith reads the newsletter, so I can’t tell you what I have planned for her, but trust me, she’s going to love it. One thing that Edith treasures are her charm bracelets. She has so many charms for so many different occasions that I started to lose track. Regrettably, I started buying her charms that she already had, which she thought was quite


Every month, Edith decorates our office holiday tree. We boasted a love tree in February, and in March, we gave a nod to St. Patrick. This month, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo, and our tree got its adorable yearly makeover. Thank you, Edith, for your hard work and dedication at the office. We’re so grateful for your genuine compassion for our clients and our team. You keep our work environment festive, and you always remind us to make time for a little fun. We appreciate all that you do!

heard it! Maybe she knew I was destined to marry into a Mexican family.

funny. If anything, I guess I can say that I knowwhat she likes! Although Edith appreciates our material gifts, the things she

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