Ekka Media Kit 2023


NORCO GRASS TO GLASS EXPERIENCE WHEN: 9am to 5pm daily WHERE: Large Animal Pavilion (ground floor) (F-5)

This year Ekka celebrated 15 years of the RACQ Animal Nursery which is home to more than 500 adorable animals. Visitors love getting up close to these farmyard cuties which include llamas, alpacas, donkeys, a miniature horse, calves, sheep, goats, piglets, puppies, lambs, chickens and ducks. New adorable additions to the nursery this year are guinea pigs and rabbits. The RACQ Animal Nursery gives people the opportunity to interact with farm animals they don’t normally see in their everyday lives, making memories to last a lifetime. CRADLE-A-CHICK WHEN: 9.30am to 4pm WHERE: Large Animal Pavilion (ground floor) (G-6) Cradle-a-Chick is an activity worth chirping about. Visitors can cradle the tiny chicks in the palm of their hand and even watch on as they hatch from their shells in a special incubator. All members of the family will enjoy watching the antics of the chicks, while learning how to care for them. NORCO MILKING BARN WHEN: 9:30am, 11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm, 4:00pm daily WHERE: Large Animal Pavilion (ground floor) (F-5) Learn about dairy at the Norco Milking Barn. There will be several milking demonstrations throughout the day where dairy experts will take you through the milking process and you’ll get the opportunity to learn how to make cream and butter. Then try your hand at milking one of the beautiful dairy cows and receive a free sample of Norco milk at the Norco Grass to Glass Experience!

Enjoy an immersive grass to glass experience as you get a taste of life on the dairy farm. Enjoy being taken through the dairy production journey; from the factory all the way to the supermarket shelves – and, of course, the kitchen counter. NEW - SHEEP SHEARING WHEN: 10am, 11:30am, 1pm, 2:30pm and 4pm daily WHERE: Sushi Hub Cat Pavilion (N-11) Sheep shearing and working dog duo Jonathan and Vineta will demonstrate their skills at the Ekka for the very first time. They will showcase their working dogs Kelly and Hazel, along with five sheep, to show the Ekka crowds how the dogs and their handlers interact with the sheep through a series of tests and exercises. Ekka guests will also see sheep shearing in action including blade shearing, as well as fleece throwing and learning about the shearing equipment. HORSING AROUND SHOW PRESENTED BY RACING QUEENSLAND WHEN: 11am and 2pm daily WHERE: Show Ring (P-5) The Horsing Around Show presented by Racing Queensland will see acclaimed horse trainer Dave Manchon proudly showcase Racing Queensland's ‘off the track’ initiative. Dave will be joined by some well- known retired racehorses, as he talks about his training methods and how they can apply to these off the track stars. This educational show will demonstrate what is possible with some of these equine super athletes once they slow down.

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