Ekka Media Kit 2023

YOUTH COMPETITION CLASSES The Show is the state’s largest classroom and offers a range of interactive agricultural learning experiences and curriculum aligned educational competitions. Among the 46 competitions on offer at the Ekka, there are several open to young people and these explore food production, technology, innovation, and environmental agricultural practices. Our competitions give Queensland youth the opportunity to have a fun, hands- on experience while learning how agriculture plays an essential role in their everyday lives. CLASSES AGE GROUP Young Judges Competition supported by the Queensland Government Under 25 Junior BeeKeeper Liquid Honey - Apiculture Competition Under 18 Dairy Youth Team Challenge - Dairy Cattle Competition Under 25

All Breeds Youth Show - Dairy Cattle Competition

Under 18

Paraders Competition - Dairy Cattle Competition

Under 25

Junior Handlers Competition - Dairy Goat Competition Under 18 Childs Show Hack, Galloway and Pony - Horse Competition 8 - 17 years Childs Show Hunter Hack, Galloway and Pony - Horse Competition 8 - 17 years Junior Rider Turnout - Horse Competition 8 - 17 years

Junior Rider Classes - Horse Competition

8 - 17 years

Parent and Child Riding Event - Horse Competition Under 17

Senior and Junior Riding Event - Horse Competition Any age

Young Riders - Showjumping Competition

16 - 21 years

Junior Led Heifer, Steer & Carcass Competition - Beef Competition Nutrien School’s Judging Competition - Beef Competition

Under 18

Under 18

Stud Beef Paraders - Beef Competition

Under 24

School students

Handlers Competition - Sheep Competition

Ekka Creative Clips Competition

Grades 5 - 12

Student Class - Bush Poetry Competition presented by Caravanning Queensland

Under 18

Prep to Grade 6 Prep to Grade 1 (Prep to Grade

Awesome Showbag Competition

Little Sprouts supported by Brunnings

School Garden Competition supported by Brunnings

School Scarecrow Competition supported by Brunnings

Kindergarden to Grade 6

Youth in Agriculture

13 - 25 years

Prep to Grade 6

Education on Show

Best Dressed Junior - Fashions on the Field Competition

15 - 17 years

Junior Section - Quilts Across Queensland

Under 18

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