Ekka Media Kit 2023

The Main Arena comes alive each night of Show with the spectacular never before seen night show EkkaNITES presented by Brisbane City Council. This year’s theme is ‘IMAGINE'. Imagination is the soil that brings a dream to life. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it and if you can dream it, you can become it. Feel inspired watching the Ekka night show, which will feature an action- packed program including: n A stunning fireworks display lighting up the night sky n A new equine experience featuring cowboys, cowgirls, two stepping, galloping horses, bison, long horn bulls and all things Yellow Stone n For the first time in Australian history, not one, not two but three Wheels of Steel, as circus performers balance atop the three storey tall rotating steel pendulums n A nailbiting freestyle motocross display with motorcycles launching an incredible 15 metres into the air n The rumble of V8 engines as utes tear around the Main Arena n And much more!

MC - LYNDSEY DOUGLAS Having been a show announcer for more than a decade, Lyndsey is a well-known voice at ag shows across Australia, plus industry events for horses, cattle, sheep and agritech. This is her third year as MC of the night show, after first appearing at the Ekka in 2019. Lyndsey grew up on a farm in central west Queensland.

MC – FARMER DAVE (DAVE GRAHAM) Dave Graham is a farmer and professional animal behaviourist from southwest Queensland, but is best known for his work as a presenter and spokesperson. Dave appeared on 2006 and 2022 Big Brother, Australia's Got Talent and he MCs across Australia. His genuine Aussie banter and depth of knowledge brings an authentic feel that puts audiences at ease and engages them with a larrikin sense of humour.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF COUNTRY AND AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM (FIRST NATIONS LANGUAGE AND ENGLISH) Brisbane based singer / songwriter and proud South Sea and Birri Gubba descendant Waveney Yasso will perform the Acknowledgment of Country and the Australian National Anthem each night of Show, she will be accompanied by six children including Francis Naumovic and Djairi Maza who will honour the first languages of Australia. Four children from HLS Trick Riding will also trot around the arena track on their ponies, in this heartwarming moment.

About Waveney Yasso

Waveney is a Brisbane based singer / songwriter and a proud South Sea and Birri Gubba descendant. Music is her full-time job, touring the UK, America and Australia with international sensation Pub Choir. Waveney is dedicated to preserving language, songlines and history through art. When away from music, she is actively working within communities to maintain culture, language and connection to country.

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