Ekka Media Kit 2023

NEW - BEN SHEEHY (2023 AUSTRALIAN IDOL SEMI-FINALIST) WHEN: 4.15pm – 7pm, August 13 WHERE: Multicultural Plaza Music Stage (I-13)

The wildcard of Australian Idol 2023, Ben Sheehy made it to the semi- finals with his unique and powerful voice inspired by the classic rock of the 60s/70s. Ben is a dynamic and unpredictable performer and composer who also draws from folk music to create a contemporary sound that is distinctive, raw and enigmatic. Bringing together influences from Georgy Ligeti to Jeff Buckley, Ben’s eclectic vocal ability will excite Ekka visitors. BAND OF BLUE – QUEENSLAND POLICE SERVICE WHEN: 4.15pm – 7pm on August 14 & 15 and 11.45–2.30pm on August 16 WHERE: Multicultural Plaza Music Stage (I-13) The Band of Blue has been performing since 2001, covering a plethora of musical styles including rock, blues, funk, soul, jazz and country and western. The band has previously supported well-known singers Daryl Braithwaite, Ross Wilson, John Williamson and Steady Eddie and has also performed with great artists such as Angry Anderson, James Blundell, Beccy Cole and Kevin Borridge. The officers that make up the Band of Blue are drawn from all areas of policing such as specialist units, state crime operations, scenes of crime and general duties. THE RISING SUNS – ROYAL AUSTRALIAN ARMY BAND

WHEN: 4.15pm – 7pm on August 17, 18, 19 & 20 WHERE: Multicultural Plaza Music Stage (I-13)

Since its formation in 1949, the Australian Army Band Brisbane has enjoyed high acclaim wherever they perform and is always a favourite at the Ekka. The Army Band is a hard swinging, exciting ensemble consisting of the traditional line up from the glorious swing era of saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and rhythm, complemented with male and female vocals. Their repertoire ranges from traditional Big Band sounds through to funky arrangements of rock hits and Australian music. The Army Band supports the Australian Army and Australian Defence Force units in South- East Queensland. Band members have been deployed on domestic and international operations, as well as regularly performing in commemorative activities such as Anzac Day. ROYAL AUSTRALIAN NAVY BAND WHEN: 4.15pm – 7pm on August 12 and 11.45am – 2.30pm on August 19 WHERE: Multicultural Plaza Music Stage (I-13) 2023 marks 110 years since the humble beginnings of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Band. Custodians of naval tradition and ceremony, RAN musicians promote awareness in the Australian and international communities of Navy’s critical contribution to the nation. The RAN Band reflects the quality of Navy’s people and the values they aspire to including service, courage, respect, integrity, and excellence. The RAN Band enjoys one of the ADF’s most significant public engagement profiles and plays an invaluable role in keeping Navy’s image in the public consciousness ashore and at sea.

NEW - LOREN RYAN (TAMWORTH TOYOTA STAR MAKER 2023) WHEN: 4.15pm – 7pm, August 16 WHERE: Multicultural Plaza Music Stage (I-13)

Country music fans will be treated to a special performance by Tamworth local and Gamilaraay woman Loren Ryan who was crowned the 43rd Toyota Star Maker winner at the Tamworth Country Music Festival earlier this year. Loren, the first Indigenous woman to take out the competition, wowed the judges and the crowd alike, performing original songs ‘Bounce Back’ and ‘Suddenly’ in the grand finale. An exciting new artist, Loren has recently returned from her first international adventure, performing at 50th CMA Fest in Nashville, and has just released ‘Suddenly’ as her first single.

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