Ekka Media Kit 2023



Not only does it dazzle and enchant but it features three levels of thrills. Kids will perform a balancing act as they cross the vibrating floor and hang on tighter than a trapeze artist as they attempt the rope bridges. You’ll find the Enchanted Circus in the Kids Carnival area (Q-15). XSCREAM SOUNDWAVE Extreme Wait for the beat, and screams, as XSCREAM Soundwave lights up B105 Sideshow Alley (E-10). With bright flashing lights, lasers and the latest music tunes pumping, this ride is like a special B105 Sideshow Alley nightclub, without your feet firmly on the ground! SPEED 2 Extreme Got the need for speed? Reaching speeds of 120km an hour, Speed 2 is certainly a B105 Sideshow Alley (E-10) favourite and one for those who enjoy the faster things in life. It rotates at more than 10 revolutions per minute - the definition of a thrill ride! CROWN FERRIS WHEEL Family Friendly The crown of the show shines bright above B105 Sideshow Alley (E-10). Sitting sky high, the popular Crown Ferris Wheel features half a million dollars worth of lights, including on both sides of the Ferris Wheel, in and under the gondolas and on both sides of the towers. The Ferris Wheel has 26 fully panoramic gondolas, ensuring the most spectacular views of the Ekka and surrounds, and can be enjoyed by everyone - it’s the only travelling wheelchair friendly Ferris Wheel as the gondolas have no central pole. TWISTER Family Friendly Twist and turn this Ekka! A fun ride for the whole family, with enough speed to get the adrenaline pumping. The Twister not only leaves riders in a spin but rises above B105 Sideshow Alley (E-10). You won’t miss it with its elaborate LED lighting and popular tunes - perfect for getting the party started this Ekka.

Selection of returning favourites ROCK STAR Family Friendly If you’re looking for a family friendly ride with spectacular views and classic hits, the Rock Star is for you. With a 360-degree rotation, the Rock Star will rock your world. You’ll find it in the Kids Carnival (Q-15). FREESTYLE Extreme This year the popular Freestyle ride, sitting almost 40m in the air, will be located at Kids Carnival (Q-15). The spinning gondola moves forwards and reverse while exhilarating even the bravest ride go-ers. THE BEAST Extreme True to its name, The Beast is not to be ignored. This extreme ride is the largest travelling ride in the Southern Hemisphere - it’s 25 metres tall with a swing of 45 metres high and weighs a whopping 86 tonnes. It’s bound to get even the seasoned B105 Sideshow Alley (E-10) adrenaline junkie screaming as it swings back and forth like a pendulum, reaching speeds of 120km an hour! PIRATES NEST Family Friendly Ready to walk the plank? Step aboard the Pirates Nest in B105 Sideshow Alley (E-10) and follow the path to find the treasure. The four level pirate themed funhouse features 35 interactive obstacles, including an interactive water play zone. Ship ahoy! SPOOK CASTLE Scary If you’re looking to be thrilled and frightened, Spook Castle is for you. It’s the largest portable ghost train in the Southern Hemisphere and it features 10 metre high flames! Towering more than three storeys and featuring monsters, actors and effects, Spook Castle is near to Kids Carnival on Gregory Terrace (Q-15) and is sure to scare even the toughest show go-ers.

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