Ekka Media Kit 2023

THE HOT DOG DELI – NEW Craving a classic American steamed hotdog? You’re at the right place. The Hot Dog Deli is rolling into Ekka with a range of American classics, along with some deliciously loaded hot dogs for something a little bit fancy. Enjoy the Queens with an American Chilli Sauce made up of beans and mince, the New York Classic with mash and gravy, and the Chicago with caramalised onions and a pickle relish. Add an order of loaded fries and it’s the full American experience. ROYAL QUEENSLAND AWARDS TASTES Royal Queensland Awards Taste is once again serving up award-winning beef and lamb from the prestigious Royal Queensland Awards (RQA). Enjoy a tasting platter of medal-winning Wagyu beef sausage from Kilcoy Global Foods, champion Thomas Farms lamb cutlet, rib fillet from JBS Australia, or try the tasting plate with all the delicious award-winners.

Around the Grounds OUR TOP PICKS

STRAWBERRY SUNDAES Is it any wonder that 130,000+ iconic Strawberry Sundaes are consumed during Queensland’s most loved event every year?! The Ekka Strawberry Sundaes are irresistible. Inside the cone sits five layers – smooth vanilla ice cream, fresh Queensland strawberries, a large scoop of strawberry ice cream, and swirls of fresh cream topped off with a whole ripe strawberry! The sundaes raise pivotal funds for The Common Good to aid life-changing medical research and are served to you with the help of generous volunteers. Find these strawberry sweet treats at several locations around grounds. DAGWOOD DOGS You know it’s show time when you see golden Dagwood Dogs dipped in tomato sauce at vendors across the grounds. For an authentic Ekka experience, you must take the time to chow down on this show favourite, preferably while sitting back and watching entertainment on the Main Area. Iconic!! QUEENSLAND COUNTRY WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION EATS & TREATS CAFE A true Ekka experience, enjoy a CWA scone for morning tea, served with fresh jam and whipped cream. The Queensland Country Women’s Association has been treating Ekka goers to these delicious treats plus other gourmet delights for more than a century. You will find them under the John McDonald Stand.

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