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I know it is not easy to be in pain or recovering from an injury. Since high school, I’ve dealt with the fallout of a football injury, most likely the result of my brief run as a down lineman. I was told initially that the lower back pain I was experiencing was just growing pains, believe it or not. Fortunately, I saw another doctor who was able to diagnose what I was experiencing as spondylolisthesis, a spinal condition where a bone in the lower vertebrae slips forward and pushes on the bone beneath it. I began seeing a therapist and learned exercises I could do to manage the pain. While I still experience lower back pain most days, over the years, I’ve found that by doing targeted exercises, working out consistently, and keeping my core strong, I’ve been able to live a normal life and not let the pain manage me. Every day, I try to remind myself to work on my posture and make time for strengthening exercises.

I’ve found consistency is crucial to managing and lessening the pain.

That’s true for most injuries and pain. There’s no magic solution that instantly makes everything better. It takes time and dedication to heal. With hand injuries and conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, we emphasize how important a dedicated program is to maximize the recovery process. Movement is often beneficial, and our job is to show patients the safe way to move so their hands and fingers can heal. As therapists, we give home exercises that help patients manage or recover from injuries and conditions like carpal tunnel and arthritis. Working closely with doctors, we find the best starting point for each patient to get them back to full mobility. When it’s someone’s first time in hand therapy, it can be hard for them to understand how the exercises we give are going to make a difference. But consistency pays off. You can tell when a patient is doing their exercises at home. You can see the results, and the patient feels the progress, too.

Step by step, we make progress together.

I know it’s not easy. You have a life to lead, you have a million other things to take care of, and it’s easy to let your therapy exercises take a backseat to everything you already have on your plate. But if you commit to following your hand therapy program, you will see results. You will get back to work, tennis, or driving — the activities you enjoyed before your injury. Commit to your recovery, and you will get back to where you were before.

We’re here to help you on that journey.

–Nick Roselli, OTR/L,CHT, Owner

OUR BRONX LOCATION IS GETTING UPDATED! Thanks for bearing with us as we finish the renovations to our office. I’ll be sure to include some photos once it’s done — I can’t wait to share them with you!

That’s the best part of my job — hearing that the program I’ve

prescribed is helping. Hearing that a patient is feeling better, and that they see the difference that therapy makes, is immensely gratifying.


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