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Success stories





In this era of healthy living and growing customer personalisation, Kolibri – an ambitious new start-up - approached Accord with a vision: to launch the world’s first tailored soft drink. They tasked us with creating a bold brand creative, refreshing packaging design and set of brand guidelines.

One of the most important sections of the ROL Cruise website is their online registration form, which is vital for driving user sign-ups. Using a combination of user recordings and performance data, we redesigned and repositioned the form - significantly increasing engagement across all devices.

Children with Cancer UK is a leading national children’s charity dedicated to improving the lives of children suffering from cancer. To raise awareness of their recent rebrand, we ran a national primetime TV campaign alongside an interactive OOH installation, which allowed passers-by to receive an onscreen personalised thank you message for their support.

Following an extensive review of Canadian Affair’s customer database, we discovered a potential new audience who were over-indexing on web visits: 25-44-year-olds. To reach this new audience and test performance against existing demographics, we created a cinematic, bold and highly targeted YouTube TrueView campaign.





Best Packaging/Label Design at the Innobev Zenith Awards.

increase in form completions.

premium SMS donations generated.

view rate for 25-44- year-old audiences.

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