Fore Court Racquet & Fitness - September 2017

September 2017

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exercise classes this month, as well as the unveiling of our new courts. If you haven’t seen our obstacle course yet, take a peek next time you’re at the club. Page 3 highlights features of the course and a group of our members who took their obstacle course training to the next level. “ Our energetic teachers excel at meeting you at your level and helping you build from there.

in college studying business management, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after graduation. My studies opened my eyes to the business world, but it wasn’t until I took a marketing course that I became really engaged. What was it about the course that made it so engaging? The material was interesting, but more importantly, it was the professor who taught it. He had extensive real-world business experience as a vice president of a big company, and as a result, his lessons were relevant and exciting. After college, I decided to be part of the family business, and it’s been my passion ever since. Oh, and even though I’m out of school, I still get to see my college professor — he’s a member of our club! Like my professor, our instructors bring their real-life fitness expertise to every class. They care about your health and fitness and will keep you motivated. So, start September right and come check out our new and updated features. On page two, we share more about why you should be particularly excited about group

Summer at Fore Court has been a blast. We’ve had parties, hosted graduation celebrations, and refreshed our tennis courts, not to mention we’ve had members participating in races all over the East Coast. That being said, we’re excited for the fall season and especially September. It’s a good time to return to routines and start new ones. If you’ve been wanting to get back into the game, this month is a great time to do it. The reopening of our tennis courts means new surfaces that are sure to lend an extra pep to your serve. With kids going back to school and getting into their groove, it’s the perfect time to try a new class. Our energetic teachers excel at meeting you at your level and helping you build from there. Whatever your fitness goals, they’ll work with you to reach them. Our group exercise classes are a great way to get excited about fitness thanks to our enthusiastic instructors.

I’ll see you on the courts (or on the obstacle course)!

- Dave Morin

Speaking of great teachers, I’ve been lucky to have some incredible ones. When I was

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