Fore Court Racquet & Fitness - September 2017

School Lunch Hacks Get by When School Lunch Isn’t Cutting It

Jokes about the quality of school lunches are about as old as lunch itself. But children’s health is no joke. The United States Department of Agriculture reports that 67 percent of middle school students who eat school lunches are overweight. Packing a better lunch can be a hassle, especially if you’re trying to choose food your children actually want to eat. Here are a few hacks to make bag lunch better for your kids. Utilize jars. You want to pack your kid a salad, but you keep losing the itty-bitty container for the dressing. Try using a jar, but put the dressing in first, followed by items that won’t get soggy, like corn or cherry tomatoes. Put the lettuce on top. You can also use jars for dippable foods like celery sticks and peanut butter. Thermoses aren’t just for your morning coffee. Kids with a cold lunch from home might look over at Tommy’s unpleasant school lunch and think, “Hey, at least the mystery mush is a hot meal.” Use thermoses to keep chicken nuggets and other warm foods at their ideal temperature. Give the power to the kids. Nothing tastes better than the power of choice. Homemade fruit cups, hard-boiled eggs, and other healthy foods have a refrigerator life of more than a week. That gives

you time on the weekend to make up a snack bar for your child to pick from every morning. Make fruit cool again. Colorful melons look more delicious if you use a small cookie cutter to cut them into interesting shapes. Also, pen ink looks great on an unpeeled banana, so try inscribing a funny joke or an embarrassing message, like “I love you,” on the outside. With these tips, your child will never have to worry about being served mystery mush again, and they’ll be happier and healthier for it.

We couldn’t be more excited for this month — because a lot of exciting things are happening at the club. As much as some people look forward to football, we look forward to the kickoff of our club season. Like we mentioned in last month’s Club Happenings, our season kicks off on September 5, and we know you all are as ready as we are to put the new courts to use. Our open house will be happening at the end of the month, and it’s the perfect opportunity for new, returning, and interested members to check out the fresh look. The entire club will be reopened, allowing you to hit the courts and see the exciting updates we’ve made. September also means the next group exercise launch! What’s the best way to keep the exercise class you love from getting stale and keep your muscles guessing? New music and new moves! Four times a year, we launch new routines in our group exercise classes to keep you from feeling bored. Love the Les Mills series? Go to the class you’ve come to love and have your muscles challenged with new variations and groovy tunes — same class, but with updated moves and music! Haven’t tried a group exercise class yet? This is the perfect month to do it. Because of the launch, everyone will be new to the routine, so you’ll get to learn with the rest of the class. Our friendly teachers love having new students and will be so excited to see you. We’re all in it together! Club Happenings in September

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