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by grace through faith. Very few people would put their faith in a racial distinction to be saved. This does not guarantee an entrance into heaven. There is a tendency, how­ ever, to take for granted such things as being reared in a Christian home. Remember, there are no grandchil­ dren in God’s family. Every person must be born again through faith in­ to the family of God. The same is true with the danger of trusting in denominational church membership, or some ritual. God says none of these things can save us (Eph. 2:8,9). The next point the Holy Spirit uses Paul to declare is that the meth­ od o£ salvation is not a new doctrine whatsoever (3 :11 ). In every age sal­ vation has always been, first of all, through faith. The 11th chapter of Hebrews gives ample evidence of this. Look at such Old Testament verses as Gen. 32:10; Ps. 145:8, 9; Hab. 2:4 and others as good ex­ amples. Yes, salvation has always been by grace through faith. It is always based the blood sacrifice pointing ahead to Christ in previous dispensations. The third principle Paul uses that Abraham would be in complete ac­ cord with his teaching, is that salva­ tion never depends upon race (3:12). The apostle shows that it is not our vain attempt to keep the Mosaic law which will gain us entrance into heaven. You see, God’s covenant to Abraham was given before the law, and as such has priority (3 :15 ). If men do not alter contracts certainly God will not. The Judaizers adding conditions to salvation would neces­ sitate God breaking His promise with Abraham. The promises to the pa­ triarch of old are still in force (3:16). We are saved in the same manner Abraham was. In verse 19 he shows why the law was added. There are several areas of law mentioned in Scripture. There is the moral law which predates the Ten Command­ ments, known as the Mosaic Law.

so he stands in his tower looking down on the scene, unable to help. The story has Lancelot coming to rescue Guinevere. Suppose, that in­ stead of just observing the problem he had gone down, freed his wife, and then ordered that he be burned at the stake in her place. In this manner both love and the law would have been justified. But this illustra­ tion becomes insignificant when we consider what God did in the send­ ing of His Son to die in our stead, that we might go free. The story of Camelot ends with a little boy coming to Arthur desiring to fight against the armies of Lance­ lot. The king asks, “Why do you want to?” The lad responds, “Be­ cause everyone knows of the fair­ ness, justice, love, and greatness of Camelot.” The king is visibly touched. He gets off his horse and knights him on the spot. In doing so, he gives him a commission not to do battle, but to go into all the king­ doms telling everyone that justice and fairness still reigns in Came­ lot.” Beloved, the analogy is true. Since we have been redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ, we are told by God, the King, to go into all the world telling men and women ev­ erywhere the Good News! God is still upon the throne! Are we ready and willing to do that today? Salvation by Grace Alone Paul’s message to the Galatian Christians is that salvation comes by grace, which is actually the un­ merited favor of God. It is received through faith with no strings at­ tached. In the third chapter Paul deals with those who might say, “Yes, but that cannot apply to us. We are Jews, the children of Abra­ ham. We also keep the law.” Again comes the positive assertion that sal­ vation is first of all by grace and not by race (3 :6 ). Paul demonstrates that there was no intrinsic righteous­ ness in Abraham. He, too, was saved Page 12

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